New Sushi, Sweet Cakes in Larkfield

Larkfield Shopping Center is a hub for great food finds

Rose cupcake at Sweet Cakes in Larkfield
Rose cupcake at Sweet Cakes in Larkfield
Rose cupcake at Sweet Cakes in Larkfield

Kaede Japanese is slated to open in the Larkfield Shopping Center (near Molsberry Market) in the coming months.

So far, not much info, but it joins Baan Thai (one of the best local Thai restaurants that’s remained well under the radar), Cookie Take A Bite’s kitchens (gourmet cookies from a former Cyrus pastry chef) and Sweet Cakes, BiteClub’s newest bakery find with scratch-baked morning muffins, croissants, brownies, cupcakes, custom cakes, pies and, well you get the idea. We’re especially fond of their signature graham cookies and Snack Crack (a pretzel rod covered in caramel and chocolate).

Oops! And how could I forget Big Boys Buns and Burgers!


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3 thoughts on “New Sushi, Sweet Cakes in Larkfield

    1. I have had only great food and service at Lorena’s. Perhaps try it again. They strive to please and work to satisfy customer requests. I have enjoyed their food on almost a weekly basis.

      1. Hi Tracy Mattson, it’s just that I am used to the warm service at Socorro’s (Windsor) and their fabulous food that when I came and visited Lorena’s for the first time, I did not experience the same. I’d rather drive 10 mins. more from my office at Airport Rd

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