Napa Insider

There’s a whole part of Napa most of us never see. Hidden in the hills are incredible works of art, architecture and sculpture that stretch the limits of imagination. Trust me, I’ve seen some of them.

On Sunday, I’ll be heading to Quixote winery–a structure of mind-bending lines, brilliant colors and cartoonish proportions that has long been closed to the public. It’s part of an ‘insider’ tour of Napa I’ve been invited on through Taste3. If you haven’t yet heard of it, let me enlighten you…

It’s a meeting of a small group of wildly creative minds in the disciplines of art, food, wine, technology and performance art at Mondavi winery. Included in the three-day lineup: Musicians/sculpturists String Theory, radio host Michael Krasny, food chemist Harold McGee, The Kitchen Sisters, story teller Rives, Ben Roche of Moto, Eleanor Coppola, Andrea Immer Robinson and many more. (See the program)

Suffice to say, I’m pretty much wetting myself to be attending such a cool program here in Wine Country.

Check out the photo gallery tomorrow evening and my blogs from the conference.

Until then, Chow.