Mother’s Day Brunches 2017 in Sonoma County

There's no way you could repay Mom for all she's done for you, but you could always start with brunch and a Bloody Mary.

Give mom a break this Sunday, and take her out for a brunch worth remembering. Click through the gallery above for a few favorite picks from our list.



13 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Brunches 2017 in Sonoma County

  1. Hi Heather-
    Having served almost 600 fresh cooked-to-order breakfasts on Mother’s Day, KC’s American Kitchen on the Windsor Town Green most likely breaks the record for people served. And all this before 12 noon! We’re always way staffed up and are ready for the onslaught! See you on Father’s Day!

  2. Carrie – as a freelancer whose articles appear in the Press/Argus/Sonoma Mag/etc., I can attest to the fact that restaurants don’t pay for any of the publicity we give them. And when we run a gallery like this one, we have to rely on our own photos and whatbhas been made available to us (sometimes by the more savy restaurants) so it often doesn’t pay for us to go out and take new photos of a bunch of places, just for a gallery like this. (Just giving some perspective.)

  3. So excited for Mother’s day. I absolutely adore Brewsters and we’ve been there together before – so visiting it as a Mother’s day inspired brunch would be fantastic. I’ll have to check out the other places when I have free time! Thank you for your post!

  4. Brunch on Mother’s Day, like dinner on Valentine’s day, in my book are times to avoid restaurants like the plague. Go the day before if you must. Kitchens are never prepared for the onslaught, nor are the fronts of the houses. Never had a good dining experience on days like these.

  5. How much did Brewster’s pay to have three spots on that slideshow when everyone else only got one?

  6. That Bloody Mary at Rocker Oysterfellers looks amazing! Can you yous concoct a list of the best bloody Marys (Maries/Marias) in the county?

    1. I would love to help out! I am finally gonna make it out to Rocker Oysterfellers this weekend and try their bloody Mary. Can’t wait!

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