Miette Confiserie SF

Trampling a five-year-old is never good manners. But the lil’ nippers must learn at some point that blocking mommy’s route to food, especially when it involves fleur de sel caramels, can be dangerous. They don’t make the same mistake twice.

Miette’s the kind of candy store and cupcakery that mommies tend to get a little worked up about. Cuter than a June bug in heels, the Hayes Valley outpost (there’s also a Ferry Building location) is filled with a rainbow of apothecary jars, crinkle-wrapped goodies, cakes and exotic confections imported from somewhere beyond the Gumdrop Mountains and Lollipop Forest.

Treats are exactly that: Little bags filled with chewy lemon drops, pink macaroons filled with cream, flower-kissed cupcakes and a menagerie of marzipan animals. Soft, waxed paper-wrapped caramels are made by hand, infused with flavors of burnt sugar, salt, butter and bergamot.

This is what grown-up dreams are made of. So forgive a little shoving, darling. I’m willing to share.*

Miette, 449 Octavia, San Francisco, 415.626.6221. Open Monday-Saturday 11-7
Sunday 11-5.
Want to make your own Fleur De Sel Caramels? They’re a great Christmas gift, and cheap to boot. Check out the recipe.

*No actual five-year-olds were seriously injured in my crush to get inside. Though, ‘Pipe down, Mommy’ may have been uttered. I wasn’t really listening.