El Dorado Kitchenette

Lunch on the run can be so uncivilized. Napkins flying, mayonnaise dripping, crumbs landing in every possible nook and cranny. Not to mention finding a pickle stuck to your rear several hours later.

Sometimes you gotta eat to live. Plain and simple. But should mobile munching bring you to Sonoma town, speed pass the golden arches. Here, El Dorado Kitchenette elevates the humble “To Go” to tony.

A relaxed coffee and pastry shop attached to the upscale El Dorado Kitchen restaurant, the new kitchenette offers up fresh pastries (from pannacotta and pain au chocolat to fresh-made muffins and scones), pre-made salads and espresso. But in Sonoma, where locals have been fed a steady diet of top-notch baked goods for years (Fiorini, Scandia, Basque Boulangerie and Artisan) that’s hardly newsworthy.

What’s worth the trip are the caramel filled macaroons. Boxed up and ready for transport, they’re great for hostess gifting, sharing or, well, simply rewarding yourself for being so darned wonderful.

As long as you’re there, you’ll probably need a tomato and brie sandwich on crunchy French bread. And missing the house made vanilla ice cream with strawberry rhubarb or extra virgin olive oil and sea salt would be really unfortunate. (You’re burning off calories with all that running around, after all.)

Consider it a car picnic. A moveable feast. Or maybe just stains with a pedigree.

El Dorado Kitchenette, 405 First Street West, Sonoma, 707.996.3030.