Midcentury Modern Meets Boho Chic in This Windsor Kitchen

The kitchen cabinets are made of an innovative material that is highly resistant to all kinds of mishaps. Minor scratches, for example, can be removed with a clothes iron.

Bohemian or boho style continues to be one of the biggest trends in fashion and home decor. We see it everywhere — in outfits (floppy hats, floral dresses, layered jewelry), in hairstyles (messy braids and curls) and in homes (eclectic vintage furniture, macrame wall hangings, textiles sourced from around the world).

One place that hasn’t seen as much of the boho trend, however, is the kitchen. That’s why we are excited about a kitchen remodel in Windsor that blends beautifully with the rest of the boho chic home, which also incorporates a midcentury modern look.

In true Wine Country fashion, the plan for the kitchen remodel was conceived over a bottle of wine. Homeowners Sarah and Chad Law wanted to spruce up their kitchen but wanted to keep costs down. They were prepared to do most of the work themselves, but needed a little bit of guidance, so they consulted their friend Natasha Stocker, a designer and the owner of Inspired Spaces in Santa Rosa. A bottle of bubbly later, and the three had the initial sketches ready.

“The Laws needed a kitchen that was not only beautiful, but durable,” said Stocker, who recommended the couple install Fenix cabinets in their new kitchen. The innovative laminate surfaces of the cabinets are made of a sustainable blend of water-resistant paper and resin, which is highly resistant to scratches, abrasion and other mishaps that might occur in the kitchen. Minor scratches and marks can be “healed” with the heat from a clothes iron.

Sarah, an administrator at The Healdsburg School who loves DIY projects, was the remodel visionary, while Chad, a San Francisco fire captain, installed most of the new kitchen with the help of his 84-year-old father.

“He’s such a good sport,” said Sarah of Chad, while describing her ambitious, over-the-top design ideas with a hint of self-mockery: “Let’s add some sconces to that wall and install a sliding barn door; let’s make a climbing feature for our chickens; let’s crane a vintage AirStream into our backyard and turn it into a cool living space.”

Among the favorite elements in the new kitchen is a “waterfall countertop,” which is made out of marble and extends all the way down to the floor. The spacious layout of the countertop allows the couple’s three boys to sit together in a spot where family and friends also like to gather.

Drawer pulls made out of leather is another interesting design pick, adding a witty and rustic look that is echoed in the woven leather bar chairs. White rectangle tiles — from Clé Tile in San Rafael — have been turned vertically, providing a fresh take on the kitchen backsplash. A bold patterned wallpaper backs a Pinterest-worthy bar area and open shelves are styled with oh-so-boho air plants and handcrafted cutting boards, as well as cookbooks.

The living room, next to the kitchen, embraces a neutral and rustic color scheme with a leather sofa and dark, woven accent cushions. Ornamented Moroccan sconces and matching teal arm chairs offer a pretty and colorful counterpoint.

Installing the kitchen themselves allowed the Laws to stay within their budget. It also turned the kitchen renovation into a more meaningful experience.

“It was such a sweet process (for Chad and his father), and it makes us appreciate our kitchen even more,” said Sarah.

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