McRib returns

Like Cher, this is REALLY the final tour. Really. Until the next farewell tour.

Today marks the return of the much-hated and much-loved McRib at McDonald’s for a limited engagement. (See the legend video)

For most of us, this ranks high on the “ho-hum” to “blech” scale. I mean really…boneless pork pressed into a “rib” shape? Doused with overly sweet bbq sauce? Topped with pickles and onions. I’d rather choke down Alpo.
And, like Cher, there have been so many farewell tours for the McNastiness, that the excitement’s kind of worn off. Make it die already.
For others, this moment is akin to the Second Coming. There are, in fact, serious groups of petitioners who’ve dreamed of this fateful day when they could again wrap their lips around a McRib. Perhaps someone needs to get a hobby.
Whatever your feelings on the subject, there’s a McRib finder if you’re jonesing for your fix. Rumors are that the McDonalds on Mendocino Ave and the Rohnert Park Mickey D’s are serving them up, but I’ll leave it to heartier souls to find out if it’s actually true.