Little hugs with a hole

Krispy Kreme never had a chance.

Blame it on the low-carb kill-joys and the saturated fat police. Or maybe it was all those refined sugar alarmists with their talk of tooth decay and hyperactivity. Who knows, maybe it was the whole ‘donut’ vs. ‘doughnut’ debate. In any case, aside from a few assorted gas station hold-outs, my beloved KK is gone.

So, okay, you win. Go back to your soy yogurt and five-grain.

But hear me out. Donuts are about the only thing that will predictably get me out of bed on a Monday morning. Raspberry jelly with a crackled glaze, please. They’re a weekend tradition, the kids and I licking our gooey-sugary fingers around the table while watching cartoons. They’re a warm and satisfying reward after a long week of calorie counting and restrictions. (And, admittedly, the sugar jolt is a nice side effect.)

Ultimately, however, a donut is just a donut–fried dough. Nothin’ too fancy. And what sets them apart is the fluffiness and freshness. After the demise of KK, could anything stand up to my expectations?

Yes and yes. After an exhaustive taste test (really, someone had to do it), Tan’s Donuts has stolen my batter-dipped heart. Light, fluffy and fresh with a hint of cinnamon, they’re among the best bets for donuts outside of Portland’s Voodoo Donuts (I would sell my soul to have just one Bacon Maple donut at midnight!). And at $5.75 for a dozen, a good value as well. Donut Hut is a close second, especially since they stuff their jelly donuts nice and full and are consistently fresh.

So put down your carob-muffins, and for goodness sake, toss that McMuffin. You deserve a warm donut. Think of it as a little hug with a hole.

Tan’s Donuts, 1074 Fourth St., Santa Rosa, 707.568.3988
Donut Hut, 555 Healdsburg Ave, Santa Rosa, 707.544.2085

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