La Gare French Restaurant | Santa Rosa

La Gare French Restaurant: Classic, old school French cuisine in Santa Rosa

La Gare Santa Rosa French restaurant

La Gare Santa Rosa French restaurantOld school French fare in Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square, with a menu that bursts with butter. If you’re on a diet you can either go somewhere else or shatter the calorie counter. This is Julia Child-era French cuisine, from Escargots de Bourgogne to Carré d’Agneau persillé  to Crème Caramel Beau Rivage. The most popular menu item, however, is the Chateaubriand or Steak Au Poivre.
Don’t miss the flaming tableside dessert of Cherries Jubilee! If you get out of here for less than $100 each (including wine, of course), you haven’t been eating right.
Popular local icon Chef Roger Praplan has been cooking in this spot for 30-years and has a rabid fan base of supporters — although even his best fans acknowledge that the interior is ready for a redo.
208 Wilson St., Santa Rosa, (707) 528-4355.