Keane names new steakhouse

Shimo is a fitting name for the Healdsburg chef's new venture

Shimo Modern Steak is the name of Douglas Keane’s forthcoming Healdsburg steakhouse. According to the Cyrus chef, shimo is a Japanese word referring to “frost” and use it to describe the white marbling in beef, especially the highly prized Wagyu whose fat has an almost snow-like appearance. It’s also particularly appropriate for Keane, who brings an Asian influence to nearly all of his cooking and plans to incorporate some Asian flavors and sauces into the steakhouse menu. The restaurant is anticipated to open winter 2010/11.

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6 thoughts on “Keane names new steakhouse

  1. Anything by Doug Keane & Co, likely to be a welcome addition to the Healdsburg dining scene, and a steakhouse should provide good – and distinct foil for the wine & foodie crowd. And hey, this ain’t Napa, so hopefully he’ll play up the big, bad cabs from Dry Creek and the AV.
    One question, tho – who is going to be the chef? Because one thing about Cyrus is that Keane is IN THE KITCHEN. Be a shame to see him dilute his flagship.

  2. “Frost” the in vogue name for marbling ?? When I was growing up it was called “Fat”. But, some people think just renaming it will make it healthier to eat !!! For me….I’ve always chewed the fat medium with A-1 on the side since childhood.

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