“Just Months After Wildfire Tragedy, Sonoma Remains California’s Most Blissful Holiday Destination”

Scottish newspaper is "in awe" of Sonoma County locals. See what else they had to say after a vacation in wine country.

A reporter from the Scottish edition of The Sun recently made a trip across the pond for a wine country vacation. She was “in awe” of what she found in the county of Sonoma.

“Just months after [the] wildfire tragedy, Sonoma remains California’s most blissful holiday destination/…/ The Sonoma locals are just as bright and lovely as the California sunshine,” said Heather Lowrie in a travel reportage for The Scottish Sun.

Together with “hubby” Alan, Lowrie sampled Sonoma County gems from east to west and noted that, during the couple’s first trip to “this utterly gorgeous region,” they did not see “one piece of evidence of the infernos which hit some of California’s wine-making regions.”

During their Sonoma sojourn, Lowrie and husband Alan tasted wines at Buena Vista Winery (“think Great Gatsby meets Liberace”), did sightseeing in the town of Sonoma (“it is just picture-postcard small town America”), ordered Pastis-scented steamed mussels at the Girl and the Fig, along with a Sonoma Mountain Beef Burger (“huge, juicy, and mouthwatering, came with another mountain fries. God bless America!”) – and much more.

Click through the gallery above to see what else Heather and Alan got up to during their first Sonoma County visit (their itinerary sounds pretty good to us), and what they recommend to Scottish readers.