Jade BBQ

Just a quick find before I jet off to the islands-

Steamed pork buns are a love ’em or hate ’em kind of thing. All puffy, white and doughy, they’re a bit like eating a pillow stuffed with meat. There’s a certain nursery-like comfort to them, as well, though. When done right (and they rarely are), they’re a steamy, sweet-savory treat that has no real English translation “other than a sort of pork-filled jelly doughnut.

I’ve had a tough time finding them fresh in the North Bay. Sadly, Asia Gourmet, which routinely brought them in from the city, recently closed its doors. In a stroke of good luck, however, I stumbled on Jade BBQ on Santa Rosa Ave.

The spot’s been there just a few months, serving up the usual take-out Asian fare, along with hamburgers, fish ‘n chips and a few BBQ items. What’s more interesting, however, is their steamed pork buns and duck special. For $14.99, you can get half a crispy duck with a complement of plumy Hoisin sauce and four fresh steamed buns.

The duck’s a bit fatty, but hey, it’s duck. Chopped into mostly bite-sized pieces, you get a breast, leg and wing with plenty of crispy, sinful skin. Be warned, the buns are addictive.


Jade’s BBQ, 2790 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, (707) 527-8536. Open Monday through Saturday.

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