Blog your dang self!

After months and months and, well, months of the good life in Wine Country, BiteClub needs a little break. I’m headed to Maui for a week of tropical drinks, beaches and all the Spam I can possibly avoid–leaving the store to you guys.

I’ve lined up a couple of foodie friends to weigh in while I’m gone, but I’m still looking for a handful of the area’s forklifters to share their favorite restaurants.

So, if you’re up to the task (no money involved, just my undying gratitude), send me your best efforts for possible inclusion in this week’s special Guest Blogs. The best three or four will be posted while I’m away, thrusting YOU into the culinary spotlight.

Now, keep in mind, I can smell a rat a mile away. Submissions that are overly fawning or obviously written by the chef ain’t gonna make it. You’ll also need to include your name and email so I can get back to you if I have any questions.

Bon appetit and Aloha!

Submissions must be sent to