How to Create the Quiet Luxury Look in Your Home, According to Sonoma Designers

Create an effortless yet sumptuous look with tranquil colors and quality pieces.

There is so much to love about maximalist home decor, including its layers of exciting colors and patterns. Minimalism is nice, too, with its restrained lines and focus on the essentials. But there’s a new trend in fashion that is now taking over home decor: quiet luxury.

Quiet luxury combines a few quality pieces (a handbag and a coat, or a sofa and a credenza) with a few layers of tranquil colors (such as beige, white and black). The goal is to create an intriguing but effortless look. In fashion, the layering of browns and creams has been described as latte dressing. And that’s, really, a good shorthand guide for creating a simple but sumptuous home design. 

Here we look at the work of a few Sonoma designers that falls into the quiet, but oh-so-beautiful vein. Click through the above gallery for details.