8 Hot Instagram Food Trends and Where to Find Them in Sonoma County

From acai bowls to gut-friendly foods to matcha 2.0, here's where to get a taste of the latest Instagram food trends in Sonoma County.

It’s hard to dine out these days without seeing at least a couple of people hovering with smartphones over their plates. Taking a bite before it’s been immortalized on Instagram is pretty much a cardinal sin. Gone are the days when a well-thumbed copy of Zagat served as the restaurant bible. Today, #foodtrends and #foodporn are the new guiding principles. But, in the ever expanding Instagram universe, it’s hard to keep track of what’s new and what’s old: one day, unicorn cake and cloud eggs are hot; the next, they’re not. To give you a taste of the latest foodie fad, we’ve rounded up the new kids on the block: the hottest Instagram food trends (at least at this particular moment) and where to find them in Sonoma County. Click through the gallery above for all the #yummy details.