10 Best Spots for Avocado Toast in Sonoma County

The avocado toast can be so much more than just avocado on toast.

Call it the most delicious fruit and bread combo, the ultimate hipster food or the reason why millennials can’t afford a home, the avocado toast has been creating both frenzy and controversy (even injuries) in the past few years and it continues to be trending.

While this particular pairing may seem pretty basic to some, it can be so much more than just avocado on toast — as nearly 2 million Instagram pictures will attest to. 

To celebrate the trendy toast, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites in the gallery above. Each featured Sonoma County spot offers its very own take on this 21st century classic — pair it with a bottomless mimosa and you’ve got yourself the perfect #brunch shot.

Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments.