Heritage Public House Shutters

Santa Rosa brewpub says good-bye after management change

Heritage Public House in Santa Rosa has closed. Photo HPH Facebook Page.
Heritage Public House in Santa Rosa has closed. Photo HPH Facebook Page.

Heritage Public House (1901 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa) has shuttered, effective immediately.

According to proprietor Dino D’Argenzio, the turnover of the kitchen and management to restaurateur Josh Silvers in April 2015, “didn’t fit” and the parties have ended the relationship on a “friendly note”. Several months ago, BiteClub tasted through the menu, which was impressive, but recently was cut back significantly.

“It’s disappointing it didn’t work out,” said Silvers. “The team was really gelling. I’m hopeful in this time of employee deficits they will get snapped up fast,” he added. Silvers is the owner of Jackson’s Bar and Oven and does frequent restaurant consulting.

Bloodline Brewing Co., which launched at the restaurant in 2014 and was a significant part of their tap program will continue brewing offsite and focus on increased distribution throughout the Bay Area. Bloodline is co-owned by several members of the D’Argenzio family.

The Heritage Public House building is available for lease, and D’Argenzio said he has some “exciting prospects”.

“We’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the community for supporting us over the last four years. It has been a pleasure getting to know you, serving you and being a part of the vibrant SRJC neighborhood,” said D’Argenzio on the Heritage Public House Facebook page.

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12 thoughts on “Heritage Public House Shutters

  1. Lesson learned……..take note.
    Just because you are successful does not make you smart. Success is often a divine formula. CHANGE ONE THING !!!….and poof……there goes your success.
    BBQ Spot killed it on SR Ave. Jump to Brickyard, seriously? How about a baby step or something in between? Damn, you make good Q but seriously, bad biz move.
    Orig Heritage was awesome, not perfect but a really fun quad-fecta…, beer, place and music. EGO…ego…ego..all I can say. Hope someone steps right in and takes over carte blanche and does it back to right.

    1. Wow – BBQ Spot closed too? That brickyard location is cursed. Don’t know what they were thinking going from the little hole in the wall spot to that monstrosity. Too bad.

  2. I remember the good old days when it used to be Video Droid and they had a bathroom, XXX section (not related), and a gelato bar!

    1. Yes I heard but hadn’t confirmed. It is in fact true but they will still be catering. Yesterday was a three-fer. One more in Petaluma still unconfirmed

  3. Overpriced food and disinterested, inattentive staff = death for a restaurant /pub. Other SR beer institutions with well priced food and friendly staff seemed to have weathered this well…

  4. Sad- Heritage was a great spot- despite their shtick of only CA beers (which ignored a massive body of truly great beers). The spot had (mostly) greeat bartenders, and a very comfortable feel. And good food- both before and after the recent changes.

    So let’s be clear- the problem IS/WAS the D’Argenzios. And Sonoma county in general- where there is just too much money available to mediocre to horrible brewers- from people with no real knowledge of beer or the industry (but who see a lucrative market). Sorry- but Bloodline Brewing is one of a number of the new wave of brewers in the region who should never have been allowed to go to production. And they killed Heritage taking over far too many taps.

    I give bloodline 6 months tops. A year if their financial backers don’t wise up. Sad that they couldn’t read the writing on the page- and push the blame to the kitchen.

    I guess we are seeing the beginning of the 2nd big shakout of the brewing industry (finally). On the bright side- some of the up and coming brewers in our region will have access to good used equipment in the next couple of years.

      1. I loved the food but avoided the place because every time I went there it was so frigidly cold that if I couldn’t sit outdoors I couldn’t be there.

      2. I accidentally posted my comment as a comment to ts. Since I’m stuck under her/his comment anyway, I might as well suggest that perhaps (since Heritage had pretty good food) and you obviously have an opinion about Santa Rosa restaurants, you stick to something super cheap with massive portions and tons of flavorful additives like, oh, maybe a fast food restaurant?

        1. Sorry, the food was NOT good before the change, so bad in fact that I never bothered to try it again, though I did here it improved. There are plenty of great restaurants in Santa Rosa for people who know and love good food, but this wasn’t one of them.

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