Healdsburg’s Charcuterie Becoming Persimmon

Former Healdsburg old-timer, Charcuterie, is making way for a new Vietnamese fusion restaurant, Persimmon. The restaurant will be headed by Chef Danny Mai.

The former Charcuterie in Healdsburg will be transformed into Persimmon this fall
The former Charcuterie in Healdsburg will be transformed into Persimmon this fall

Charcuterie to become Persimmon?

The former Charcuterie in Healdsburg will be transformed into Persimmon this fall
The former Charcuterie in Healdsburg will be transformed into Persimmon this fall

Lots of buzzing around the Healdsburg Square as details about the new Southeast Asian fusion restaurant, Persimmon, comes into focus.

Executive Chef Danny Mai,
formerly of the Sheraton Tolay, is still working on the menu, but told BiteClub that it will definitely include a few Vietnamese staples. “Of course I’ll have pho on the menu. If it’s not there, people will laugh me out of town,” he said, adding that banh mi sandwiches with house made pate and “soulful” dumplings are in the works. Mai, who was a Vietnamese refugee, has embraced a variety of cooking styles throughout his career, including a stop at La Folie in SF, and most recently…Mexican.

The kicker to this story is that Healdsburg’s Oaxacan culinary giants, the Diaz family (Agave, El Farolito and Casa Del Mole) are the financial backers of Persimmon.

“The only way we can grow is to diversify our cuisine. There are so many Mexican restaurants already, and we want to do something different,” said Octavio Diaz, of Agave.

Until the restaurant opens this fall, Mai is doing menu consulting for the Diaz family restaurants which, he said with a laugh, often makes for some curious looks when he steps out of the kitchen. “They’re like, wait, are you the chef here?” he giggled over the phone.

Charcuterie closed in early 2015 after more than a decade on the square.

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8 thoughts on “Healdsburg’s Charcuterie Becoming Persimmon

  1. How is it possible to have Healdsburg grow from 500, to 5000, to 15000 without adding any amenities? Why would 15000 people locate to Healdsburg if there is only one bank, one gas station, one restaurant, etc.? Perhaps Healdsburg would be more fun if it looked like Cloverdale or Windsor? No matter the biased whining, Healdsburg is a pretty nice place to live and enjoy and there is something for everyone…adding Persimmon or Ralph’s Roadhouse or the BBQ place adds diversity sans all the chain-restaurants. Octavio Diaz has done a great job with Agave and Casa del Mole and he will do his best with Persimmon to provide something beneficial to Healdsburg and it’s citizens and guests…

  2. I met Danny Mai at the Windsor El Farolito location last week and after talking with him for a few minutes, we are excited about the opening of Persimmon, as well as the possible culinary upgrades to our long time family favorite, El Farolito. Danny seems to bring a wealth of culinary and customer service expertise to the equation, covering the needs of both the front and back of a restaurant, necessary to be successful in today’s ultra competitive restaurant environment. I wish Danny and the Diaz family continued success in all of their culinary endeavors!

  3. I’m going to agree and disagree.

    The Diaz family have created a number of affordable restaurants in Healdsburg. The restaurant is replacing Charcuterie, which I see as pretty much a lateral move.

    Yes, I too am frustrated and scared of how incredibly expensive it is to live here — remember I work at a newspaper. Its also a sign that business owners are finding a market, and that’s a good thing.

    Hopefully the political decision makers will find a way to keep many of us who are struggling here. I think the diversity of this county –rich, poor, and in between– is what makes it great.

  4. Just another sign of the gentrification and destruction of this once quaint and quiet town that is pricing out the locals not only in their homes, but the cities economy because of the outrageous prices.

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