Halloween Treats: No Candy Corn!

Moose A Moose Hates Candy Corn!

This was too precious to pass up. More on Halloween treats tomorrow, but meanwhile, sound off about your favorites!

(This was originally published a couple years ago…)

I’ve never quite understood the logic of some people when it comes
to Halloween treats. Mercifully, most sane people understand that
children like things that actually taste good, like chocolate. A few
are too well-meaning for their own good, and give out things like
raisins (blech!). Others seem to think Halloween is a perfect opportunity to unload their leftover candy from last Easter. Or worse.

no matter what your age, income or social status, there seems to be a
universal truth when it comes to the most desired candy each Halloween.
In an informal poll (mostly comprised of my kids and co-workers) Reeses and Milky Way comes out at the tippy top.
Bonus points for the King size. At the very bottom of the pillowcase,
pennies and raisins. Here’s where everything else falls…

TIER ONE: Reeses, Snickers, Milky Way, M&M’s, Skittles, SweetTarts, Butterfinger: Jackpot. Eat immediately. Probably from someone who actually has kids. Definitely from someone who has grandkids.

TWO: Twizzlers, Smarties, Blow Pops, Take 5, Milk Duds, Starburst,
Whoppers, JuJuBees: Okay, clearly not the favorites, but will suffice
once the good stuff is gone. Usually from the cool neighbor with the dogs and all the bottles on the porch.

THREE: Candy corn, apples, raisins, pennies, Dum Dums, strange things
in a plastic bag that are unidentifiable, popcorn balls, Lemonheads:
Usually from the scary guy who invites you into the house to see his
reptile collection. Or, a very well-meaning, but slightly-out-of-touch lady with lots of cats.

as we stop by your house tonight, make sure you’ve got the good stuff
waiting. As I mentioned, Reeses are my favorite. Save those nasty
Lemonheads for yourself, or you could just find yourself with a nasty

What’s your favorite Halloween treat?

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14 thoughts on “Halloween Treats: No Candy Corn!

  1. I urge you all to implement my Halloween two-bowl system. You have your tier one candy in one bowl and then a secondary bowl with tier-three, or non ranked candy. You get something regardless, but your treat depends solely on you, the enthusiastic trick or treater.
    The secondary bowl is for the following: people clearly too old for trick or treating, anyone not in costume or with street clothes and a little paint on their face (booo), anyone who bum-rushes the little kids on the porch; people who just grunt and who fail to utilize the customary greeting (trick or treat); and teenagers who think they are entitled to the primary bowl yet put in little to no effort into the costume. The good stuff goes to the little ones, the older kids who show some enthusiasm in the costume and trick or treaters who still embrace manners and old school methods of Halloween celebration.
    Sadly, my secondary bowl was empty long before my first bowl this year.

  2. I am all over the Kit Kat voting. Whoever handed those things out to me usually got a return trip and not for the usual T.P. for rasins or weird spider rings that did little more than cut your finger if you put them on.

  3. Let’s not forget the Annabel treats, those are the one the parents ask their kids to grab at my house: Big Hunk, Look and Abba Zabbas. Tier 1 in my neighborhood.

  4. Wow, I am so glad to know that I am in the “tier 1” section of the passer -outter. I’m a little disapointed to hear that Whoppers didn’t make tier one…but whatever. :o) Kit-Kat & Twix should MOST definitely be a tier one candy, and what about Bazooka (sp?) gum..?? those were always fun, right? However, I have to admit, that right now on my nightstand I have Reese’s peanut butter cups and TWIZZLERS!! YUMMM… (YES, I stole it from my cauldron) :o) Happy Halloween to everyone! PS – does anyone else remember all the “elderly” folks that gave out pencils, and hallowen erasers and misc. halloween games?? YIKES.

  5. Nobody has mentioned TWIX bars…definitely 1st tier. Also, I second the kit-kat bar. I’m all about the chocolate/cookie combination.

  6. Not on the list but my childhood’s best treat: Goo-Goo Clusters from Standard Candy Co. in Nashville, Tennessee.

  7. From my childhood it has to be SweetTarts! I’d get my Nancy Nurse doll out and play doctor all day; I’d challenge my older sister to see who could make their’s last the longest; I’d trade with my cousins for the messy chocolates!
    But from the freezer – it has to be Snickers!!!

  8. Well, never one to be easily categorized, I am a not-so-scary lady who keeps reptiles and hands out Snickers and Mars and M&Ms and 3 Mouseketeers (just kidding – the mice are staying in my freezer) and such, albeit in the mini sizes, there being enough sugar in the ‘treeters’ future as it is.

  9. Hahaha! This was too funny! Love the ranking system- and it’s so true, too! Personally- I’m all about the Reeses. I just bought the BIG bag from Costco full of ALL TIER ONE goodies. $12 for 5.6 lbs of top level candy. Should be enough for the trick-or-treaters. Last year I ran out! It wasn’t pretty. Some poor kids ended up with packs of sugarfee gum. Oops!

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