Haku Sushi Santa Rosa

Haku Sushi in Santa Rosa opens with creative rolls and a fresh spin on traditional Japanese cuisine.

Bazinga Roll at Haku Sushi in Santa Rosa
Bazinga Roll at Haku Sushi in Santa Rosa

Irasshaimaseto to Santa Rosa’s Haku Sushi.

Roll Me A Fatty Sushi Roll at Haku Sushi in Santa Rosa
Roll Me A Fatty Sushi Roll at Haku Sushi in Santa Rosa

Worst Boss I Ever Had Roll at Haku Sushi in Santa Rosa
Worst Boss I Ever Had Roll at Haku Sushi in Santa Rosa

After School Special Roll at Haku Sushi in Santa Rosa
After School Special Roll at Haku Sushi in Santa Rosa

Staples like vegetable tempura, agedashi and California rolls get special touches (minimalist service ware, a bit of fluttering bonito, creamy “crab” salad), but its the rolls that’ll put a smile on your face. Maybe more of a giggle.

Though I’m usually a nigiri purist, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink rolls called “Roll Me A Fatty”, “The Worst Boss I Ever Had”, “The Alex P. Keaton” and the “After School Special” are as fun to eat as they are to order.

Don’t look too hard for a reason behind the shrimp tempura, crab salad and tempura crunchy roll topped with “house sauce” to be called the Silent But Deadly. Perhaps the mystery reveals itself later.

There’s no doubt, however, that asking for a “Funny Feeling Down There” is kind of priceless, no matter what’s inside.

Haku Sushi, 518 Seventh St., Santa Rosa.


10 thoughts on “Haku Sushi Santa Rosa

  1. My wife and I eat here at least twice a month and sometimes as often as twice a week.
    On Monday evening we had not been to visit in at least three weeks so we came back to Haku for dinner.
    As usual the drinks and appetizers came quickly, but the main course was taking longer than usual, the whole time we are waiting we are watching the sushi chef working on some elaborate plate and we are getting even hungrier. But I can see that he is hard at work making another order so we are patient.
    Then the waitress picks up this beautiful artfully done plate and brings it to OUR table? we tell her it is not what we ordered, then we look at it and it is our whole order intricately and artfully arranged on this platter, there was even extra seaweed salad and a couple of pieces of Hamachi sashimi that we had not even ordered. It was the best meal we have ever had here. When we were almost done eating some guy was kind of hovering around our table and almost making us nervous, then he says is that your truck outside and we say yes. It turns out it was Han the owner of the restaurant and he loves fishing as do my wife and I, so we talked about fishing and the restaurant and it was a great dining experience with personal touches that I have not had at a sushi restaurant in over ten years.
    five stars and three thumbs up.
    Marc x

  2. Megan, your comments may be accurate as to what you ate, but reading
    a review of a sushi place that only mentions vegetables is…..funny.

  3. Went in over the weekend. Will be back for sure. Best atmosphere of any of the Japanese restaurants in SR. Enjoyed what we ordered. And the best part, late night dining!!! Till 11pm on Friday and sat. I hope that lasts!!

  4. Ordered hamach, salmon, escolar sushi, it was amazingly fresh and good. Service was very friendly and nice atmosphere, I would recommend HAKU sushi and for sure will visit often for my lunch, they have more than 16 choices for bento box!!!!

  5. I was very excited to try Haku Sushi. The decor looks the same as Sapporo to me, which is fine. The music inside was really loud and consisted of cheezy 80s love songs.The service was excellent, very attentive and friendly. However, the food was lacking. The vegetable tempura was terrible, I wish I would have said something. The batter was so pasty, I wanted to spit out my broccoli I could barely eat it. The vegetables were inconsistently cooked, carrot perfect, squash raw. I took it home and threw it away. The veggie sushi I had was OK. The complimentary edamame was wonderful, but it lacked salt. I appreciate the extra touches this restaurant gives its guests…but tempura is such an easy dish to prepare, I’m not sure what’s going on with that. I unfortunately will not return.

  6. My wife and I ate here for a second time, my first review I posted never went up though.
    So we came for lunch on Tuesday and the food was very good as well as the sushi, the service is just as good. we will be back often.

  7. Thanks for coming by! We’re excited to be a part of the burgeoning SR food scene. Looking forward to bringing many years worth of smiling faces and full bellies to the folks of Sonoma County and the north bay. For all you who used to come to Sapporo, stop on by and say “hi” to Han or Sue; we’d love to show you the new interior and growing menu here at Haku! –han

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