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Star sighting: Guy Fieri

guy.jpgGuy Fieri stopped by KZST this morning while I was on the radio talking about goat with Brent and Debbie just to say hi. No, he wasn’t thrilled about the whole Fake Fieri thing. Yes, he looks just like he does on TV — sunglasses, bling and everything.

 And yes, he’s actually a really nice guy. 

He’ll be back in town shooting, he tells BiteClub, in June. I’m hoping to tag along for the ride.


12 thoughts on “Guy’s in town

  1. We spent two days filming an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri at Cafe Citti last week. It was so much fun to have Guy cooking in the kitchen with Luca and we are so honored to be featured on his show! For those of you who are “judging a book by it’s cover” you need to see this man in action. He is a pro at what he does and seeing him work behind the scenes was quite impressive. He has an amazing ability to bring out the best in his guests and make everyone around him feel comfortable and appreciated…..even when his guest has a thick Italian accent! Thanks again, Guy, for your support of Cafe Citti and our family!

  2. Wow! Sonoma Co.!
    I am a local whos daughter’s mentor is Guy Fieri, Guy is very involved in the culinary programs here locally in Santa Rosa, were he donates a lot of time and effort,I have been to local events were I have seen personally hug and congradulate them each individually and shake hands and hug them and wish them well, sign their aprons or chef coats take pictures with them … He told my daughter who has many pictures, of her and guy plastered to her wall, that if she finished the culinary program he would hire her as a chef. That gave her focus and a goal. I personally love Guy. He is in my opion 1 in a million Guy! Devvi Silva

  3. Never met the man and would love too! The guy has talent,let him enjoy it! Guy knew my neighbors nephew and she tells what very nice man he is…..I love his shows and I am proud when I can tell people he is from Sonoma County! Continue on guy!

  4. I saw him in the DMV not very long ago. The arragance reaked off him as he walked through the building. He knew everyone was looking at him. That’s what he like’s, to be watched. Reminds me of my X who is the same way. Has a really big need to be noticed in order to feel good about him self. If no one knew who he was… he would have no self asteem at all.
    And yea…I don’t spell well.

  5. Yes, he’s arrogant. Yes, he has reason to be – he’s been very successful. And yes, he’s very nice when he wants to be or feels he needs to be. He also has an incredibly sharp mind.
    But he does not take criticism well. At all. He has a temper and holds a grudge. And yes, I’ve interacted with him several times.
    Admire the man for his community and charity work, even admire him for his food – many of his Food Network recipes are crowd pleasers.
    But make no mistake, he’s no angel.

  6. My bf,daughter and I saw him in Coddingtown Mall. We said hello when he passed us, and he turned the other way.Acted like we didnt exsist! Very rude! Also Tex Wasabi’s has the worste sevice! I have walked out of that place 2x, and say I will never go back.

  7. I think he is very entertaining and has done a great job rising to the top of the food network. But, the absolute unavoidable question has to be about how bad his restaurants are. He should sell them, close them or improve them. If he knows so much about how to make great food, then make it,and sell it and people will line up to buy it. And get rid of the cartoon-y cheesey names….Johnny Garlic’s, Ace Wasabi’s??? Bad product, bad name, bad association for Guy.

  8. He’s a good BS’er, I mean self-marketer, and that is what? How about some substance? His SR restaurants are terrible, and some ex-employees would have some pretttttty interesting things to say about his “Supervision” of employees and other things that are well know to a lot of people. He’s no one to admire.

  9. Cripes Paul C., do you s’pose you could be a little more pretentious? From a Sonoma County native, I can say that you are what’s wrong with our area.

  10. Here’s the thing about Guy. I’ve never met him, so like a lot of folks, I figured he was kind of an arrogant dude. I guess after meeting him yesterday, I found him to be a really endearing, really cool person who has the decency to remember his roots here in Sonoma County. That really impressed me.
    He’s an incredible self-promoter, but since when is that bad? I’ve gotten taken to the mat for promoting myself as well…but I can never understand why people take that personally. The public will be the ultimate judge of whether they like you or not.
    I think everyone knows where I stand on local chefs. They’re the true celebrities of Sonoma County. But it doesn’t mean we can’t embrace Guy for his own brand of fame — and for continuing to contribute to local causes here at home.

  11. Does anyone really care if he is in town? Are we going to throw a parade? Is the food at either of his two restaurants actually going to improve to the point where I would want to spend my money there? Guy is a very good self marketer but lets not confuse him with SoCo’s Chef’s who actually create innovative food.

  12. He may be fake, but he is a scary look-alike. Guy should meet him. Maybe they can have a cook-off!

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