Guest Blogger: Ad Hoc

Guest blogger Lynn hits Ad Hoc. I’m back Thursday with a full report on Maui dining. Get hungry!

I am just
back from
the Monday night fried chicken dinner at Ad Hoc in Yountville and am happy to
report it is a soul satisfying comfort meal, the perfect antidote to

Buttermilk fried
chicken is the entree on alternate Mondays, and as an aside, will be offered on
Wednesdays as well starting next week.
The meal began with
a butter lettuce Cobb salad, unique with oven dried intensely flavored tomatoes,
olives, avocado, bacon and tender quartered boiled eggs.
It was like a BLT
with avocado in a bowl. My husband didn’t eat salads until Ad Hoc.
They are the beginning course, and a revelation of creative ingredients, deft
dressing and garden freshness.
The chicken is
freshly made to order and served family style. Collard greens, buttery
whipped Yukon potatoes along with tiny flaky buttermilk biscuits and huckleberry
jam round out your visit to a southern meal.
The windows were
open when we arrived because of the heat of the frying – adding to the
authenticity of the overall experience, real home cooking. Like grandma’s
fried chicken without the Ritz Cracker coating.
The buttermilk
batter is thick but crisp and fully satisfying with a sprinkling of
salt crystals, The chicken is mounded atop butcher paper in
copper serving pan and i
t is a sight to behold.
Every meal at Ad Hoc
has a cheese course and Monday we were served Cypress Grove’s Truffle Tremor, a
thin goat cheese wedge dotted with truffle flecks atop toasted palladin
spread with a crunchy roughly chopped pistachio butter. On the cutting
board this course is served on comes a tiny glass pot of Marshall’s Farm honey
to drizzle over the cheese atop the bread. Crunchy, salty and sweet all in
one bite.
Finally chocolate
chip cookie ice cream sandwiches round out this homey menu.
There is an
abundance of food served, they are generous, and for the truly ravenous, you can
request more.
They serve one menu
each evening for the entire restaurant, this is their concept and clearly they
have an audience, though it may not serve everyone’s
Beef shows
up several nights each week. I have cancelled many a reservation
because I wasn’t enamored of the menu, but when the stars are aligned and the
written menu appeals, the food sings!
You can sign up for
their emailed menu at their website to be tempted


6476 Washington
Yountville, CA