Cafe Saint Rose, eggs and more…

Saint Rose’s move

Sitting on the beach last week, I got an alarming call from home. Cafe Saint Rose is closing! Though the details were still sketchy, it was sad news. Enough to put me off my poke, at least temporarily.

Fortunately, news of their demise has been greatly exaggerated. Instead of closing, Mark Malicki and crew are merely moving. They’ll be in their current location in Santa Rosa through the end of March. No word yet on re-opening, but we’ll cross our fingers that it’s before June.

Yes, it will be more of a haul to get yourself out to the where the Two Crows Roadhouse on Bodega Highway currently resides (they’ll be there until the middle of April). But a little more elbow room (and a lovely patio area) is a small price to pay.

I’ll let Mark tell you the details about the move (which I lifted from his blog):

Hello Everyone – It has been such a lovely spring spring so far. I hope you have been well.
I haven’t been keeping in touch with all of you as things at Saint Rose have been chaotic – but at this point things are taking a turn.

So there is this place about two miles outside of Sebastopol on Bodega Highway called “Two Crows Roadhouse.” It is a great restaurant, I can actually see it from where I live. I have lived in Sonoma County for something like 20 years and every time I drive by I think of how great it would be to open a place there.

Well, a funny thing happened one day. I’ll tell you all the details another time, but the way it is taking shape is amazing- much better than I could come up with on my own.

The short version is that the owners of Two Crows decided it was time for them to travel, and so Two Crows will become Saint Rose in a matter of weeks. I hope you’ll get out to two Crows before they close for a great meal and to get the feel of the place. I don’t know their hours off-hand so you may want to call ahead. TWO CROWS ROADHOUSE 9890 Bodega Hwy. 707-829-589

Thanks for taking the time to read this – I will keep you up to date on our progress. thanks again – mark

Fresh Easter Eggs
Susan Mall (wife of Zin chef, Jeff Mall) sends this news…

I will be at the Cheese Shop, at 423 Center Street in Healdsburg, on Friday, March 21st from 1 pm to 4 pm selling our Eastside Farm Fresh Eggs, Sustainable Sacks, and Eastside Farm Jams along with Zin Grape Jelly! I hope you can stop by and see me and buy some eggs! I just delivered 14 dozen to Doralice today, some of which are already green laid by our “Easter Egger” hens!

New Meadowood Chef
And finally, Meadowood announces the appointment of a new chef for The Restaurant at Meadowood, Chef Christopher Kostow. Kostow’s pedigree: Chef Kostow comes to Meadowood from Chez TJ in Mountain View, California, one of only six Northern California restaurants – along with The Restaurant at Meadowood – to garner two stars last fall from the esteemed Michelin Guide. Additionally, Kostow’s food received three starts from The San Francisco Chronicle and Kostow’s Maitake Consomme was featured in Food & Wine Magazine as one of the 10 best dishes of 2007.

Before working at Chez TJ, Chef Kostow began his restaurant career at the acclaimed Georges at the Cove in La Jolla, California, working under the tutelage of Chef Trey Foshe. He then ventured to France, working at such places as Chez Georges in Paris, the three-star Michelin-rated Les Jardins de Sens in Montpellier, and under Chef Christian Morriset at the two-star Michelin-rated La Terrasse in the French Riveria. Upon returning to San Francisco he assumed the role of Sous Chef at Campton Place Hotel under Chef Daniel Humm which received Four Stars from The San Francisco Chronicle.