Glen Ellen’s Aventine Reopens In Wake of Sonoma County Fires

Another Glen Ellen restaurant is reopening following the fires.

Another Glen Ellen restaurant is reopening in the wake of the fires: Aventine.

The Italian restaurant, located in the historic grist mill building at Jack London Village, closed during the fires due to mandatory evacuation orders in Glen Ellen.

Chef and owner Adolfo Veronese was the first to return to the restaurant when evacuation orders were lifted, says manager Toni Veronese. “He came in the back door of the restaurant and the smoke was so strong he stayed only long enough to ensure everything was still there,” she says.

The entire second floor dining area was covered in soot and ash due to an open window, requiring a deep cleaning. Additionally, all of the ceiling insulation had to be replaced, according to Veronese.

As for the food and alcohol: all the food had to be thrown away due to spoilage and all open liquor and wine was thrown away due to contamination.

However, even before returning to the property for inspection and clean up, Aventine suffered economic loss: all events were canceled in October and December. Veronese is feeling positive though about the future, “this past week I just started receiving requests for event information for next summer,” she shares.

In anticipation of reopening, staff returned Thursday to get Aventine in working order. “We all greeted each other with long hugs,” says Veronese, “Knowing that we’ve all made it through this past month and all have our own stories to share.”

Most importantly, they are excited to see customers return. “We’ve already heard from some of our regulars,” says Veronese, “I can’t wait to give them all a hug and hear their story when they walk through that door again.”

Aventine is currently open Friday-Sunday with service beginning at 5PM. (707) 934-8911, 14301 Arnold Dr., #32, Glen Ellen,