Giovanni’s Pizzeria

Giovanni's Pizzeria in Cotati: Good Friday night grub.

Friday is, without fail, pizza night at our house.
Ignoring a week of refrigerated left-overs threatening to spoil before sunrise, we glibly aim for the nearest pizzeria and stuff ourselves silly. Thin crust, New York style, wood-fired and deep dish hold equal esteem. Even better are the spoils of our feast on Saturday morning. Preferably cold.
A newcomer to our rotation is Giovanni’s Pizzeria which recently opened in Cotati. It’s everything a hole-in-the-wall ‘za spot should be — concrete floors covered in flour, a couple small tables with wobbly chairs and a kitchen full of 20-somethings throwing dough and racing out the door with delivery orders.
The menu is refreshingly simple: Ten pizzas that start with cheese and pepperoni, venture into meat-lover combos, throw a bone to the dorm-room munchie crowd with “Maui Wowie” (Hawaiian) and BBQ chicken with ranch and end up with a classic margherita.
The crust is somewhere between the crisp snap of thin and the doughiness of thick crust with the best of both. No big surprises on the do-it-yourself topping list. A handful of pasta dishes. Green salads. Breadsticks.
Prices range from $14.95 for a large cheese or pesto to just under $20 for a large Meat Madness — a worthwhile price for an evening’s entertainment in tough economic times. It’s a crying shame the restaurant is only open until 9pm, cause they’d do a brisk business after last call. We hear it has something to do with the landlord upstairs…
Giovanni’s isn’t transformative pizza, nor is it gourmet. It’s just good, straightforward Friday night grub served up hot, fast and friendly.
Giovanni’s Pizzeria, 8270 Old Redwood Highway, Cotati, 707.664.8460.
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13 thoughts on “Giovanni’s Pizzeria

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  2. We go there at least once a month, very friendly staff and will do extra’s if you ask at no extra charge,. Love the thin crust.

  3. Awesome NY style pie! The margerita pie could use more basil, but every pie we have got from them, delivered or pick-up, has been consistantly exceptional.

  4. I have eaten here twice and LOVE it. It was not greasy at all. I also think its the best pizza place I have had besides one place in SF.

  5. My wife and I went there last week and it was pretty awful! Weordered a large salami pizza with extra cheese. We are not a thick-crust pizza people but in this case we wondered “where’s the crust”? Too thin. Both the salami and the pizza were chewy and not great tasting. We don’t recommend this place at all.

  6. We’ve had their pizza a couple of times. We love it.
    Sauce not too spicey or hot like Mary’s or RT. People are very friendly. I’m all for supporting local businesses. Keep it up guys.

  7. I love this place. The pizza is great and the salad and pasta’s are fresh and amazing!! I would recomend that you try it! the service is great too, the boys that work behind the counter are very talkative and friendly!

  8. Have eaten there a couple times and for me its the best pizza around. A must try very simple and very delicious. The kids who run it do a great job and are super friendy.

  9. Tried it last night. Overall very good- excellent crust is crispy & thin but the sauce is nothing special to make it a must try.

  10. I’m for supporting locally. Never judge a book by it’s cover or a movie by a critic…..check it out for yourself. We all have minds of our own. I will check this pizza place this weekend and see for myself.

  11. I have had their pizza twice, both times delivered. Very good pizza! You shouldn’t judge the pizza by it’s look – pepperoni is greasy so of course it’s going to look greasy! I recommend everyone to try it! Support the little guys!!!

  12. I’m sorry to say this, but that pizza looks pretty greasy and awful. Pools of grease in each pepperoni slice? Yummy!

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