From Chicago-Style to Napoletana: Where to Get Every Kind of Pizza in Sonoma

Whether you're craving a gooey deep dish pizza or a slice of NY-style pie, we've got just the place for you.

There are only three things needed to make a perfect pizza — crust, sauce and cheese. Sure, pepperoni, anchovies or pineapple may be required on your pizza, but the pure expression of a great pie needs no gilding.

How that crust and sauce come together, however, differs from region to region. From gut-busting Chicago deep dish to the simplest Neapolitan, we’ve found some of the best examples throughout Sonoma County. Mangia!

A few words on the origins of your favorite pies…


The original. Neapolitan pizzas hail from Naples, Italy. Usually they’re personal-sized with a mottled crust (dark spots are a signature) and only topped with sauce, cheese, basil and olive oil. Pop it in a ridiculously hot oven for a minute or two and you’re done. Molto bene.

You’ll rarely find an authentic version in Sonoma County, but most of the local wood fired pizzas pay homage to this “true” pizza crust, then add all sorts of creative toppings that would horrify a purist. We’ll call them Neapolitan-inspired…

Sicilian Style

Also known as “grandma style” these pizzas are thicker and heartier and always square. You’ll get the best of all worlds with crispy, caramelized edges and lots of cheese and toppings. Detroit-style are based off of this style.

Detroit Style

Steel workers may or may not have inspired these pizzas when they used square automotive parts pans to cook up this light, unusually-shaped pizza. But in the past few years, this tasty, crisp crust has become popular.

Roman Style

A super thin crust often cut into squares.

Chicago Style

A signature style of the Windy City that’s deep, deep, deep. A high-rise buttery crust serves as a dam for all the dairy and tomato sauce stuffed inside. This is a commitment, ya know?

New York Style

Thin crust with giant slices that require folding in half if you’re going to do it right. Toppings tend to be minimalist.