French Laundry Resos on Craigslist?

Can’t get a reservation for the French Laundry? Surf over to Craigslist where someone’s hawking their July seating for $100. Nice.


7/17: Restaurant “French Laundry” reservation (napa county)

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Date: 2009-06-12, 5:01PM PDT

Lunch reservation for 2 persons in French Laundry on July 17, 2009.

$100 OBO

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18 thoughts on “French Laundry Resos on Craigslist?

  1. Corey Lee is the head chef at The French Laundry. Thomas Keller does not cook there anymore and hasn’t been there in years. He’s doing other things other than cooking apparantly.

  2. Meh, please… It was “French Laundry” who posted the ad to begin with. Nobody’s paying for a reservation to that place – and for lunch, no less! LOL!

  3. Thanks Wo! Great info for Acme. Oysters are indeed a passion of mine. Looking forward to eating my Mufletta Sandwich on the banks of the Mississippi!
    Since NOLA is mostly geared twords the Creole side of things, it will be harder to find my beloved Cajun food! Also will be scouting out for “soul” food and great boudin. Did find a few leads on the web. No car on this trip, so I can’t take a drive and explore. I will let you know how it comes out! Counting the days …. 8D

  4. MsSteak- Wrote you a detailed response about N.O. but it got deleted or something? 🙁
    Short version: Dinner Jacque-Imo’s. Tough to find and get into- no reservations but great, local place. Bayona is great and I’ve heard great things about Cochon. Lunch: Acme Oyster House. All of these have websites you can look at. So jealous! Have fun!

  5. I don’t mind waiting AT K-Pauls!
    I’d wait for days … months …
    I’m just anxiously WAITING to make a reservation.
    They have a 30 day out policy.
    I hear you can pretty much get in to
    all the “must-eats” now quite easily!
    I just don’t want to take ANY chances.
    Any other ideas on where to eat?
    Kinda want to hit the LOCALS favs …
    Not tourist traps.
    Central Grocery and Cafe Du Monde are on the list!

  6. Can’t speak to the French Laundry stuff because, sadly, I’ve never dined there. Easy fix on the selling the res’ on CL would be to require the name on the res’ to be the name of the person showing up. Simple enough.
    MsSteak- Since Katrina, the couple times I have gone to KPaul’s- didn’t need a reservation. So you have to wait? Big deal. Sit at the bar and have a Cajun-tini complete with olives and pickled melitans(sp?) Yeow!

  7. “some Asian guy” – Missy, what is your point? that you are racist? we get that. Think before you write, oh, that’s right, you did!

  8. Heather – I wouldn’t blame you if you deleted all those comments above from the idiots who had a bad week and want to take it out on you. PEOPLE _ THIS IS A BLOG ABOUT FOOD… FOOOOOOOOOOOD. Not all this crap you worthless idiots vent and moan and complain about. Get a life. It’s about Food… go find a good counselor to talk all your crap to.

  9. Seriously Mudge…. why do you people even read this blog when all you have is nasty smart ass comments to make. Go read People or USWeekly or something…. Leave Bite Club Alone for us who appreciate it!

  10. I hate to even dignify some of this stuff with a remark, but the “some asian guy” referred to is Corey Lee. Here’s an excerpt of his biography from a 2006 chronicle profile:
    After about 18 months of rising quickly through the ranks, Lee went to London for more than a year to work at various Michelin-starred restaurants such as Pied a Terre, Le Meridian and La Tante Claire. He then returned to New York where he landed jobs at Lespinasse and DB under Daniel Boulud before contacting Keller to work at the French Laundry.
    Oh and Cath? We love that you read the LA Times too. Some of us can even read two papers at once– without acting like we’re superior to either.

  11. The one time I stop by the PD I realize why I love reading the LA Times. When is this local paper going away?

  12. Oh, no, Missy! Really? There is an Asian guy cooking at the French Laundry? That does it. Not going to eat there. I’m going to sell my ressie on Craig’s List instead.

  13. Just throwing some support your way Heather.
    ….like you need any help.
    Looks like the RUDE bus stopped at Bite Club and let a bunch of folks off.
    “Syrah Does Zin” is really annoying. GET A LIFE! Stop posting on every damn thread. I’m sure whatever you have to say will be life changing … but geeze!
    And Missy …
    Where does ethnicity come into play on who is cooking at The Laundry? So what if my meal is not hand prepared by Keller? It’s his vision, his trained chefs. Does this make the FL experience any less desireable? Or the food not taste as good.
    Not even getting near MUDGE”S comment. LOL!
    I am watching my calendar for the day I can place my reservatipons at K-PAUL’S in New Orleans. They have a 30 day out policy. I will be on the phone the minute I am able. Hmmmm … maybe I should just check Craigs List! I might get lucky!

  14. In this economy? Please. You can get your own dinner reservation yourself, and Thomas Keller doesn’t cook there anymore and hasn’t for years. It was all on the Ratatouille thing or on youtube. He said he doesn’t cook there and basically trained the sous cook, which was some Asian guy to be the head chef.
    And another thing, I’m not the poster above but I’ve noticed the chick that does this Bite Club thing is bitchy as hell and snarky, which is very 1998.
    Grow up!

  15. Oddly enough, that little tip came from my newsroom pal, John Beck. Who was, in fact, cruising Craigslist for some entertainment event listings. Or so he said. 🙂
    But everyone knows Craigslist is a goldmine for journalists. What century are you living in, dear? Let go of the teletype already.

  16. I bet the French Laundry really appreciates people scalping their diner reservations.
    Does this mean anyone out for a quick buck can book heaps of rsvp’s then go sell them on Craigslist?
    What was the French Laundry’s phone number?

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