Flavor Bistro to Reopen

The popular downtown Santa Rosa eatery shuttered in November 2016 as construction on the square lagged.

Flavor Bistro is reopening … in Sebastopol?

The popular downtown Santa Rosa eatery shuttered in November 2016 as construction on the Square lagged to the consternation of many who considered it a “go-to” for business lunches, happy hours and family gatherings.

After four years, the owners are reopening in a small bistro that formerly housed a Caribbean restaurant on Healdsburg Avenue (near the former Peter Lowell’s).

We heard lots of buzz on social media about the spot, which already has signage, and stopped by to talk with longtime employee Jorge Pedroza, who said they are hoping for a mid-August opening. Outdoor seating will be on the back patio and facing the street, with some limited indoor seating possible — depending of course on how things go over the next few months with social distancing requirements.

Expect a slightly reduced menu, but most of the old favorites. As for parking, which is in limited quantity around the cafe (and has always been a difficult issue), Pedroza sees the glass half full, saying that there are plenty of spots on streets nearby so you can walk off that big dinner or last glass of wine. Fair enough.

7365 Healdsburg Ave., Sebastopol.

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5 thoughts on “Flavor Bistro to Reopen

  1. I’m so excited to hear that Flavor is reopening. We were so disappointed when it closed.

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  2. I’m so excited I knew they were going to come back but was a matter of when and I finally know and I will be there when you open.

  3. OMG this news just made my entire year. Flavor was our to go spot weekly I’ve been waiting for 4yrs for them to reopen I’m so excited & can’t wait hoping the seafood pasta is still on the menu.

  4. Can’t wait to go back to Flavor!!! Hoping that they include Bombas on their menu!!! Please say they will!!

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