Find Inner Peace and Unique Plant Varieties at These West County Nurseries

Shade-loving plants, rare trees and beautiful, quiet groves to stroll in beckon at these nurseries in Sonoma's west county.

Warmer weather means more time in the garden. And with all the digging and planting comes a lot of thinking and planning. It’s wonderful to go with tried and true plant choices, but Sonoma’s west county has sources for unique plant varieties.

Hidden Forest Nursery (formerly Sonoma Horticultural Nursery) in Sebastopol offers lots of shade-loving plants, including the property’s own hybridized rhododendrons. While you’re there, you can enjoy some forest bathing on the property’s seven acres shaded by several trees, including a grove of dawn redwoods, an ancient tree species that dates back to the Tertiary period.

Further down Bohemian Highway, is Occidental Arts and Ecology Center. Their Mother Garden nursery (open on weekends) offers organic medicinal, edible and habitat friendly plants. Click through the above gallery for details.