After the Flood: How to Help Restaurants at The Barlow, West County Now

After road closures, some restaurants have reopened at the Barlow. Others have a long road ahead.

UPDATE: Information on how to contribute to the GoFundMe accounts of many Barlow restaurants is below. They are hoping to raise money for rebuilding and paying staff.

Several restaurants in West County and at Sebastopol’s the Barlow have suffered flood damage following torrential rains on February 26. This article provides continuously updated information on how to best support local restaurants impacted by the recent floods. The best thing we can do at this moment is to try to think long term while also keeping in mind that employees and business owners are suffering right now. Please visit impacted restaurants that are now open, and see information below on how to support those that remain closed. 



  • Ramen Gaijin
  • Fern Bar
  • Patisserie Angelica
  • BBQ Smokehouse
  • Rocker Oysterfellers
  • Backyard
  • Coffee Catz
  • Taylor Lane


  • Boon Eat + Drink
  • Big Bottom Market


Community Market Worker Relief

Please send me an email if you have more information about how to support a specific restaurant that has been impacted by the floods.