Double-Double Burger Meats The Amy: Mamy is Born

In-N-Out's meaty double-double burger meets the vegetarian Amy burger. Mayhem and maybe romance ensure

The Mamy, an In-N-Out Double Double and The Amy from Amy’s Drive Thru (Matt Brown)

In an act that goes against all things holy, Matt Brown, managing editor of our sister paper, the Petaluma Argus-Courier, sends this fast-food missive that merges the Double Double and The Amy Burger from Amy’s Drive Thru. Here’s his email to me, in all its glory. What’s your dream food mashup?

Behold “The Mamy,” a meat-infused vegetarian burger made by combining The Amy from Amy’s Drive Thru with a Double Double from the In-N-Out next door.

To make this awesome concoction, order The Amy, go next door and order a Double Double, then swap one patty on each burger. This will make two distinct burgers. To make only one burger, order the single from both Amy’s and In-N-Out, and then Mr. Potato Head the parts together. I prefer the Amy’s top bun, Amy’s veggies and one Amy’s patty atop an In-N-Out patty, In-N-Out sauce and bottom In-N-Out bun.

Why do this? Did anyone question Mr. Reese when he (I assume) bought the peanut butter plant next door to his chocolate factory and mashed the two together? Probably, but now he is enshrined in the North Central Pennsylvania Hall of Fame as one of that region’s top five most innovative thinkers. My point is, it’s delicious.

Heather, I don’t have a food blog. But you do. Please, tell the world that this exists.

Humbly yours,

Matt Brown