Delirious for deli

Don’t think of this as faint praise. But after three days of sweating, coughing, sniffing and generally wishing to die, the first place that I could even think of eating was Arrigoni’s.

The downtown Santa Rosa deli is like an old friend. It’s predictably good, with an array of tasty meat-filled sandwiches (no, not yet, my stomach said). The mile-high tortes, stuffed with chicken or vegetables, also an always-solid choice (again, too soon). Salads are carefully prepared by the sturdy women behind the glass who, despite the long lunch lines, always take your order patiently. (no salad, today, please).

What drew me, after this bout of disease, was the promise of homemade soup and quiche. Call them the Dynamic Duo of Healing.

What most of us downtown regulars know is that the pot is always warm at Arrigoni’s. And though I’m never sure what exactly brings me back to this casual, red-check-tablecloth eatery, soup is probably among them. Selections change up daily, with minestrone being a pretty-much sure thing, but everything else depending on the luck of the draw. If you happen in on a lentil day, be happy.

Quiches also change up, but I can vouch for the mushroom and spinach. Despite its enormous height (overcompensation is a Arrigoni’s trademark), it’s still light and flavorful–at least to to my semi-delirious-palate. In either case, healing. Open for breakfast and lunch daily.

Arrigoni’s Delicatessen & Cafe, 701 4th Street Santa Rosa, (707) 545-1297