DaVero’s New Healdsburg Tasting Room

Healdsburg olive oil producer opens a new retail location

Since the demise of Plaza Farms in 2008, Sonoma County’s olive oil fans have been chomping at DaVero Olive Oil owner Ridgely Evers to open another retail outlet for his ever-growing selection of locally pressed oils, preserves and estate wines.
This week Evers (who is notoriously obsessive about his small-batch products) opens his long-awaited tasting room/vineyard/biodynamic farm on Westside Road near Madrona Manor. There’s been lots of buzz about the space, which Evers has been planting and renovating for the last two years. Aside from filling your 30 Weight (DaVero’s sturdy cooking oil) there, Evers makes about 300 cases of wine including a Sangiovese Rosato and his personal fave, Sagrantino, a rare Italian varietal, both for sale in the tasting room.
The space utilizes reclaimed wood, fixtures and steel — from fallen trees to lights from one of Evers’ old start-ups. He’s also rescued several olive trees and reclaimed stumps for use as decor.
As the space ramps up, Evers plans to sell local produce ( Nathan Boon of Tommy Boy Potatoes is growing produce on a corner of the 5-acre property) and make the tasting room the exclusive retail location for his olive oils.
DaVero Tasting Room: 766 Westside Road, Healdsburg.