Cinco Mexican Restaurant coming to the Barlow

Cinco Mexican restaurant will soon open at Sebastopol's Barlow

cinco_barlowAs if the Sebastopol’s Barlow didn’t have enough destination-worthy restaurants, BiteClub’s gotten word that yet another is slated to open in the coming months. Casual Mexican eatery, Cinco, is being spearheaded by Bay Area restaurateur Jorge Saldana, who owns Tlaloc in SF and Cancun Taqueria in Berkeley.

What’s especially tasty is that Saldana runs a 130-acre farm and retreat near Guerneville that supplies much of the produce for his restaurants and line of salsas.

Details on opening menus are still in development, but dishes on his other menus include prawn tostadas, fish burritos, ceviche, mole(!), fajitas, beef torta, salads and nachos. Simple, authentic, local. Yum.

Word is that there will be a full bar, as well, making it extra-destination-worthy.

180 Morris St., Sebastopol.


3 thoughts on “Cinco Mexican Restaurant coming to the Barlow

  1. How long are we supposed to wait, the Cinco sign was up on the building in the Barlow development months ago, and last week, no sign, and it had a for lease sign, what happened, we need a good Mexican restaurant…..

  2. Dear man with glasses, You might want to clean them.
    “menus are still in development” and the guy owns a freakin’ taqueria!
    In the future – read! think! then write. Thank you.

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