Burger Wars: Best Buns in Town

Best hamburgers in Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Petaluma and Wine Country

Recently, BiteClub threw out an all-beef double-patty of a question: Where are the best burgers in the North Bay? Okay, I actually asked you about Santa Rosa, but hey, who can stop a freight train of opinion?

spoke out. Loudly. Clearly there are some strong feelings about the
best places to chow down on cheeseburgers (and pesto burgers, Jesse
James burgers, chili burgers, Cambozola burgers, etc.) Old standbys got
dethroned. Upstarts grabbed the bun by the horns and got their day. And
I got spanked for leaving off some of your favorites when I suggested
my own burger haunts.

So, here’s the list already. Print
it out, keep it close by, and hey, feel free to use it to mop up a
little stray ketchup should you need to.
You can always find the list (which I promise to update) should you need it, here at BiteClub.


A brief list of the best of the best, according to you…and me. (Quotes are directly from BiteClub readers/ballot-stuffers)

UPDATE>CLOSED Chippery2053 Santa Rosa Plz, Santa Rosa, (707) 579-2447
Okay, so I’ve got a few folks who are absolutely against me
as this being a “Best of”. What it boils down to: Are you a bun person
or not. I, frankly, take buns as seriously as the burger, and like a
good, toasty bun. Some of you don’t. What can I say?

Pro: “Definitely the best place to go unless fries are a must. I can’t get enough. I’ve never had a burger like it.”
“The best burger in town, and also the best chips, too”
“I’ve been addicted to this place since the day I heard about it”
“Jessie James Burger is just awesome”
“Get real. I’ve tried it three times-but that bun is a joke.”

Carmen’s Burger Bar
1612 Terrace Way, Santa Rosa, (707) 579-3663
night I tried the Bacon Cambozola Burger-let’s say I no longer feel
that I have to drive to Cotati to satisfy my craving for a truly
ultimate burger.”
“Cheeseburger wasn’t that good and not even cooked the way I wanted it”

Buns and Burgers
406 Larkfield Shopping C, Santa Rosa, (707) 546-6835
“Awesome cheeseburger. They get my vote, hands down”
go to college in Oregon and I have dreams about coming home and getting
a burger on their sourdough buns, a chocolate milkshake and fries!!!”

John Barleycorn
2700 Yulupa Ave # 7, Santa Rosa, (707) 526-3511
“Buffalo Bacon Cheeseburger-just the right amount of spice and a whole lot of sloppy!”
for the Baja Burger, which isn’t on the menu anymore, but they will
still make it for you: A burger, cheese, avocado, bacon, green chilies,
lettuce and tomato.”
“I’ve eaten at all the other places, and I
still think the best burger I’ve ever eaten anywhere is the Buffalo
bacon cheeseburger at John Barleycorn”

Gayle’s Superburger
1501 4th St, Santa Rosa, (707-546-4016)
“Awesome onion rings. Don’t’ forget your chocolate shake”

Mike’s at the Crossroads
7665 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati, (707) 665-9999
lots of comments saying this is the absolute best, regardless of what
I, or anyone else thinks. I think Mike’s is terrific. I really do. But
like many of you, there’s room for a new kid in town.

“They’re consistently good, although they taste better when served in the restaurant than when taken home”
“Best beef and offer a fresh green salad”
“Without a doubt, the best”
“I didn’t think it was possible to improve on the burger that much”
“Double Hick at Mike’s on Saturday morning. Can’t beat it.”
“They don’t serve fries!”
“I wish they served fries”
“They don’t serve fries, which makes me rate them 9 out of 10”
“Not serving fries at a hamburger place is a joke!”

actually has 11 reasons he refuses to sell fries, with #1 being that he
doesn’t want to change the grease. Read the other 10 http://www.mikesburgers.com/Fries.htm)

Oakmont (Quail Inn)
7035 Oakmont Dr, Santa Rosa, (707) 539-9215
“Don’t laugh, Lori Darling has put together an awesome burger”
“A nice recent surprise”

1800 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, (707) 576-7332
“Best cheeseburgers in town”
“Yep, that’s right, the Mexican joint”

Fitch Mountain Eddie’s
1301 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, (707) 433-7414
“Been going there eight years and their fries are fantastic, too”
“They get my vote!”
“The fries are a meal on their own”

336 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, (707) 433-8111
“Best fries”

“I tried it twice and in my opinion are one of the WORST burgers I’ve had in my life”

is a list of submissions–some from you, some from me–of other places
to get a burger in the North Bay. Are they the ‘tops’? You decide.

Sam’s Place for Play
2630 Cleveland Ave, Santa Rosa, (707) 528-2929
“Mushroom burger is the best”

Outback Steak House
4619 Redwood Dr, Rohnert Park, (707) 584-7161
“Aussie burger, yum!”

East West Café and Restaurant
2323 Sonoma Ave, Santa Rosa (707) 546-6142
just for vegans, these boys use the absolute best beef available and
cook it perfectly. Now if we could just teach them to do fries!”

Piner Café
975 Piner Rd, Santa Rosa, (707) 575-0165
“Monterey burger with Ortega chilies and the cheese of your choice. Yummy.”

101 Fountain Grove Pkwy, Santa Rosa (707) 578-0149
“A terrific burger”

Third Street Aleworks
610 3rd St, Santa Rosa, (707) 523-3060
always cooks ’em nice and rare, as requested. Good fries too, and of
course, good beer-including the 10oz. size for mid-day enjoyment.”

Tex Wasabi’s
515 4th St, Santa Rosa, (707) 544-8399
“Black Angus burger is really good”

Burger City
4645 Redwood Dr, Rohnert Park, (707) 585-1010
“Made fresh as you order”

Bear Republic
345 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, (707) 433-2337
“Rocket burger, garlic fries and a pint of Big Bear Black!”

D’s Diner
7260 Healdsburg Ave, Sebastopol, (707) 829-8080
“Very good”

Sequoia Drive-In
1382 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol, (707) 829-7543
what it was 25 years ago, but by far one of the best burger joints
around. It’s an institution. Just order a Sequoia Burger and an order
of large fries. Really. You’ll understand”
“My favorite is the Sequoia Single with Pepper Jack cheese”

K & L Bistro
119 S Main St, Sebastopol, (707) 823-6614
“Don’t let the hype scare you off. They have an awesome burger”

9113 Graton Rd, Graton, (707) 823-7023

Mr. Mom’s Cafe
931 Petaluma Blvd S, Petaluma, (707) 763-8538
“Great burgers, but also the best Biscuits and Gravy”

701 Sonoma Mountain Pkwy, Petaluma, (707) 778-6785

Beyond the Glory
1371 N McDowell Blvd, Petaluma, (707) 775-3775
“Great food, even better service”

Happy Dog
18962 Sonoma Hwy, Sonoma, (707) 935-6211
“Not only the best burgers for the best price, but their fries are to die for”

Girl & the Fig
110 W Spain St, Sonoma, (707) 938-3634
“Best burger in the County!”

1441 3rd St, Napa, (707) 252-8500

Red Rock Café.
1010 Lincoln Ave, Napa (707)252-9520

Taylor’s Automatic Refresher
933 Main St, St Helena, (707) 963-3486
“Wow, that’s a burger!”

Hamburger Ranch & Pasta Farm
31195 N Redwood Hwy, Cloverdale, (707) 894-5616
“Try the British Burger. Ranch fries and onion rings are the best!”
“Worth the haul north!”

Pick’s Drive In
117 S Cloverdale Blvd, Cloverdale, (707) 894-2962

Dog House
537 S Highway 1, Bodega Bay, (707) 875-244