Burger Shack at Spring Lake?

Flipside Shake Shack in the works?

Just a week after opening his new burger cafe in downtown Santa Rosa, Flipside and Rendez Vous restaurant owner Nino Rabbaa tells BiteClub he’ll also be opening a burger concession at Spring Lake Park this summer.

Though an official announcement from the Regional Parks has yet been made, insiders confirmed Rabbaa’s intent to take over the concession stand near the swimming pond. That may sound like small potatoes, but Spring Lake averages more than 600,000 visitors each year, with 300,000 folks visiting nearby Annadel Park.

What’s even more intriguing? There’s discussion of a possible construction of a cafe/restaurant inside the park being explored. The concession, which typically runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, will join a fleet of food trucks who pull up to Spring Lake’s boat ramp each Tuesday from 4p.m. to dusk throughout the summer.