Burger bust

BiteClub’s been on a burger quest lately, with varying degrees of success. The latest grill: Healdsburger in (you guessed it) Healdsburg.

BiteClubbers had a few comments about this new(ish) burger spot after the Gayle’s post, so I figured it might be worth the 20 minute trek north to check things out.

First sign that things might go wrong was a nearly deserted restaurant during what should be a noon-time crush. The second uh-oh was a dissatisfied customer (one of only two people in the restaurant) complaining about his $8 burger. But the biggest skidout was ordering a $9 gorgonzola burger and having the cook throw a frozen patty on the grill. Ouch.

Overall, the burger wasn’t exactly awful and the sweet potato fries were passable. I’d probably order it again for $5. But for $9? I’m gonna have to put this one in the deep freeze.

Healdsburger, 48 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg, 473.9604. Open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner.