Blue Label at the Belvedere closing

Cafe service until July 17

The Blue Label Crew
The Blue Label Crew

All good things must come to an end. But so soon?

Blue Label at the Belvedere — both evening and cafe service — are closing. The evening service, managed by Superburger’s Bill Cordell, has shuttered and the cafe service, run by the former Humble Pie Crew, will shut down on July 17.

It’s a serious bummer. Because Bill’s haute burgers were off the hook. And it’s no secret that BiteClub’s a die-hard fan of Miriam Donaldson and her baking prowess. Plus, the space was just so, well, strangely welcoming and perfect. After a strong opening, a series of changes (Donaldson and her team moving to cafe service and Cordell recently changing the focus of the menu to burgers) created some confusion for diners but the fan based seemed to be growing.

Cordell said the restaurant had a great run and was a lot of fun, but it was a good time for him to move on to other things.

Donaldson seemed upbeat in an email to BiteClub, saying “Don’t know what we are up to next…maybe take it easy for a bit. But I really miss cooking dinner and so does Josh. So maybe if a perfect tiny little space becomes available and we are able to find the start up cash we’ll give it another whirl.”