Best Noshes of Outside Lands

Sure it’s a music festival if epic proportions–but here food is just as much the star. Hundreds of eating opportunities, a GastroMagic performance stage pairing entertainment acts with local chefs (Big Freedia and beignets was the standout) plus craft beers, wine and just about anything else u can cram in your maw.

Best foods of outside lands
(Stay tuned for more updates)

1. Guittard liquid chocolate bars: warm milk chocolate spooned up with chocolate chips. CHocolands

2. Bacon flight on a stick: 5 strips if heirloom bacon (all different producers) crispy and delicious. Baconlands

3. Rich Table: Porcini donuts with raclette: not what u expect. Fried donut chunks with a warm cheese dipping sauce. Near cheese lands

4 wise sons deli, pastrami 19 sandwich: may have missed the boat not getting the pastrami sandwich fries. But no dissapointment with one of the best Sammies in memory. Ecolands

5. Pacific catch: Ahi tuna poke: perfect nosh for days end. Polo fields

6. Nombe ramen burger: fried ramen noodles replace the bun. Inside: a pork belly and beef burger with blue cheese and mushrooms. Agggghhhhh as Homer Simpson would say. Polo fields

7. Crispy Brussels sprouts with sweet Maple sauce, American grilled cheese kitchen. Polo fields