Banshee Wines opens in Hburg

New winery opens tasting room in Hburg

interior of Banshee Wines in Healdsburg
interior of Banshee Wines in Healdsburg

Banshee Wines, specializing in Sonoma Coast pinots (but hey, they’ve also got a tasty chardonnay) has opened its first tasting room in Healdsburg. What’s especially interesting is that they’ll be offering up a tasting menu with bites from Shed’s new head chef, Jenna Sprafkin.  The decor is nouveau Healdsburg, with plenty of reclaimed wood, vintage communal table, a record player in an old milk crate and a host of ironic knick knacks (we love the lounging gnome). “The Banshee tasting room really is an amped up version of our own homes,” said Baron Ziegler, Co-Founder and Director of Sales at Banshee Wines. “You don’t have to ask brilliant questions of our winemaking staff. You can come in, hang out and enjoy time with your friends over a killer glass of wine.”


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