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Anh Linh | Santa Rosa

Anh Lihn Vietnamese is a second restaurant for Lee's Noodle House

Pho at Anh Linh
Wonton Soup at Ahn Linh

Popular restaurateur Lee Wong of Lee’s Noodle House in Santa Rosa has opened a second restaurant, Anh Lihn at the intersection of Third Street and Dutton in the former Saigon Cuisine space.

Lee’s new restaurant serves up a laundry list of pho, spring rolls, stir fried veggies, egg and rice noodle dishes along with winter warmers like wonton soup. Don’t miss the Bo bia, a fresh roll with carrot, jicama and Chinese sausage.

And uh, don’t get too freaked out if you can’t read the Dracula font on the menu…it’s a bit confusing. Just point and smile.

320 W 3rd St # D, Santa Rosa.

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