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Anh Lihn Vietnamese is a second restaurant for Lee's Noodle House

Pho at Anh Linh
Wonton Soup at Ahn Linh

Popular restaurateur Lee Wong of Lee’s Noodle House in Santa Rosa has opened a second restaurant, Anh Lihn at the intersection of Third Street and Dutton in the former Saigon Cuisine space.

Lee’s new restaurant serves up a laundry list of pho, spring rolls, stir fried veggies, egg and rice noodle dishes along with winter warmers like wonton soup. Don’t miss the Bo bia, a fresh roll with carrot, jicama and Chinese sausage.

And uh, don’t get too freaked out if you can’t read the Dracula font on the menu…it’s a bit confusing. Just point and smile.

320 W 3rd St # D, Santa Rosa.


23 thoughts on “Anh Linh | Santa Rosa

  1. Lighten up, everyone. These are just words. I’m Icelandic and can’t even spell the word for my favorite Icelandic dessert, and I’m a professional writer. It doesn’t mean anything other than someone is lazy or short on time when they misspell the name of a food they only hear spoken of, not written of. I didn’t ask my Icelandic grandfather how to spell “almond-flavored frosted cake” before he died–I just ate it after dinner at family gatherings. Same goes for font. Who cares how it looks on a page, or even if a restaurant’s staff is pleasant, if you just want to eat yummy food?

    I live across the street from Anh Linh and I don’t even like the people that work there, but I still order pho from them once a week because they make it right. So just go there, deal with the service and the attitude, and eat the yummy food. Or go to Fosters Freeze around the corner and post about their menu font.

  2. RE: Cam Huong in Oakland – OMG the first Banh Mi I ever had was from that place. And the second, and the third. That’s like losing your virginity to the most beautiful woman alive. Since then, nothing has even come close.

  3. I appriceated the foods and the services your restaurant did. The foods are good even i have to admit that. The services, well, as best as the employees can do.the restaurant is busy so first come first serve. As a customer for many restaurants,i know the feeling that sometimes i got no acknowledgement from the workers;however,we have to look from their
    perspective point of view too. They have to make every customer happy which is the hardest job in this world.everybody have different expectation of service and sometime u wont able to get what u want all the time. As for all your comments, i do understand your frustrations but be patient.its a new restaurant so dont let your first judment be the final. As for my experiement in retail business, if you’re good at what you do, you will be regconized your sucessful by people regardless of “tiny rocks”stand in your way.

  4. Good news for some one want vegetarian soup. I find out this place serve vegetable broth. There is no other Vietnamese restaurant served vegi broth like them. I am happy just shared the news with some one who want 100% vegi soup

  5. We went for dinner in response to this review and agree that the bo bia was delicious but the entrees (and we three got different choices) were quite average. Further, the service was nonexistent, and the salt shakers were full of sugar! In addition, the restaurant does not have a liquor licence and does not allow diners to bring their own bottle – fine for lunch, but not great for dinner.

  6. Just went there for lunch. It’s a slight upgrade over Saigon Cuisine. I was a little confused by the Chinese place mats and only chopsticks (no forks). The BBQ pork bun was pretty good. The menu is printed in a hard-to-read font that looks like dripping blood. Strange. About the same prices as Simply Vietnam or Pho Vietnam, which I think have better food and decor. The carpet kind of freaks me out – how do you keep something like that clean in a restaurant?

  7. Hey everyone watch out for the elitist grammar nazi “NN”

    Lighten up already! I’m sure you’ve made a few typos in your life. You can correct people and be nice about it or be a jerk about it. You chose the latter obviously.

    1. Uh, I copied the Bo “bin” directly from their menu…the oddball font makes it nearly impossible to read and I mistook the “a” for an “n”. Seriously. You try to read this thing.

    2. Ouch! Don’t call me an elitist grammar nazi.

      I could care less about grammar. SPELLING, was more of the issue.

      I’m not being a jerk about anything. Maybe you don’t realize how annoying and somewhat disrespectful it can be when a food from another country and culture is misrepresented even if it is because of a slight spelling error. I’m of Vietnamese descent and responded to this frustration because I take such great pride in my culture and food.

      Thanks for overreacting and inserting your own politically incorrect, culturally/religiously/historically insensitive name calling into this post. What can I say though, it’s a free country (as in free speech).

      P.S. I give biteclub credit for reporting on some great eats around this town. And I acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes. I was just responding to “Christina’s” incorrect spelling of banh mi (and past entries with the incorrect spelling). Stop hating.

      1. Wow, I never got so snottily smacked down for an autocorrect typo. I’ll make sure it types ‘b a h n’ next time, if you maybe chill out just a bit. I’m of Mexican descent, and take pride in my heritage, but never felt the need to be so rude if someone types ‘Chili Verde’, or calls Taco Bell a Mexican restaurant.

        1. Good LORD it didn’t take my corrected typing again. Apparently my role in life is just to make NN mad about my spelling. 🙂

  8. Well, it’s all about supply and demand. I once talked to the owner of Saigon Cuisine about how different things were here, and he said there just weren’t enough Asians in SoCo to change his menu. In contrast, San Jose (population 1 million now) has the largest Vietnamese population of any US city. About 80,000 in the 2000 census, probably way over 100,000 now. So the demand for good and authentic Vietnamese food is very high.

    Lee once told me he couldn’t even find the right bread for his bahn mi, but he did the best he could. Nice guy, and I’m looking forward to checking out the new place. My company recently moved from downtown to Dutton Avenue and I’ve been missing all the choices of lunch places.

  9. Christina- The better banh mi is in Sacramento or San Jose. The closer you get to asian shopping plazas with old Vietnamese men playing cards and chess out front the closer you are to great banh mi.

    1. Noelle – that’s my problem. I haven’t been able to find really good banh mi since I lived in San Jose. 🙁

  10. ugh i’m so sick and tired of bite club articles and commenters making typos….First of all, the spring roll with the carrots, jicama and chinese sausage is a traditional vietnamese food but it’s spelled “Bo bia”….

    second, the baguette sandwiches are spelled BANH MI. not bahn mi. BANH, is a common word that also means cake, cookie, etc. Banh mi simply translates to bread. If you want some good banh mi, Oakland’s chinatown has the best EVER. Go to Cam Huong’s Deli. BEST BANH MI/VIETNAMESE DELI before banh mi was ever even popular in the U.S. And just so you know, it isn’t an American made Vietnamese thing. It’s a very Vietnamese food that was influenced into creation during french colonization.

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