Holla for $5 Burger Night

Restaurants offer up cheap burger nights on Wednesday

$5 burger at GTO Seafood in Sebastopol

BiteClub’s all about the Hump Day hamburger. Because when you’re only halfway to Saturday, a $5 dinner deal is about the only thing that takes the edge off.

Two local spots jumping on the $5 burger night bandwagon:

GTO Seafood: Wednesday nights are packed at Sebastopol’s local seafood house. And it isn’t just the cheap burgers bringing ’em in. In addition to $5 half-pound burgers (McNibs gives a hearty thumbs-up), the restaurant has happy hour all night long. For your fishy friends, a grilled or blackened cod sandwich for $7. Pony up for the New Orlean’s bread pudding with whisky sauce for dessert. So worth it. 234 South Main Street, Sebastopol, (707) 824-9922.

Henweigh Cafe: I’m a big fan of this funky roadside eatery on the way to Forestville — though I don’t get a chance to stop by nearly as often as I’d like. From 5-8pm on Wednesday, the restaurant features it’s killer half-pounder for just a fiver. You’ll want to try their clam chowah, however, which is one of the best in the county, while you’re there. 4550 Gravenstein Hwy. North (Rt.116), Sebastopol, 829-7500.

Got any other favorite $5 burger night eats? Let me know!


12 thoughts on “Holla for $5 Burger Night

  1. TAPS in downtown Petaluma has Wing It Wednesdays with wings being 50cents per wing. It’s a great deal and the wing are AMAZING.

    1. And when I am not super hungry I get the “Bobo Burger” at the Healdsburger and it is killer too at only $3.85.

  2. Breakaway Cafe in Sonoma does a $5 burger that’s wonderful, but I don’t know which nights. It’s really delicious!

    1. Went to Henweigh Cafe for the first time last Friday and it was great and worth the weight. I ate the Clam Chowder and the Grilled Chicken and Harvarti w/Garlic Mustard Aoli with homemade potato chips and coleslaw. Absolutely fantastic. My boyfriend had the open face ribeye steak with grilled asparagus and homemade potato chips and the steak was seasoned so well that he didn’t add anything to it like he usually does.

      Excellent food and excellent prices.

    2. We are looking forward to visiting the Henweigh Cafe. Thanks for the tip on the non-meat eating alternatives as one of us is a pescatarian.


  3. Unfortunately our experience with the $5 burger at GTO’s wasn’t so hot….literally. Burger was lukewarm and the bun was cold. Probably would have been real good had it have been served promptly. Oh well, what do you expect for $5?

    1. $5 or $50, if the food is cold, just send it back. Since I’m a fan of GTO’s, I think they do a wonderful job with the burger, garlic fries, onion rings…….oh yeah, and My COSMO……thanks Gino & Tess!!!!

  4. Heather,
    Gleason Ranch Nancy and CutieCakes Trish were at the bar enjoying happy hour and $5 burgers too! We were going to say “hello” but didn’t want to interrupt. Mine had bacon, mmm.

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