Holla for $5 Burger Night

Restaurants offer up cheap burger nights on Wednesday

 burger at GTO Seafood in Sebastopol
$5 burger at GTO Seafood in Sebastopol

BiteClub’s all about the Hump Day hamburger. Because when you’re only halfway to Saturday, a $5 dinner deal is about the only thing that takes the edge off.

Two local spots jumping on the $5 burger night bandwagon:

GTO Seafood: Wednesday nights are packed at Sebastopol’s local seafood house. And it isn’t just the cheap burgers bringing ’em in. In addition to $5 half-pound burgers (McNibs gives a hearty thumbs-up), the restaurant has happy hour all night long. For your fishy friends, a grilled or blackened cod sandwich for $7. Pony up for the New Orlean’s bread pudding with whisky sauce for dessert. So worth it. 234 South Main Street, Sebastopol, (707) 824-9922.

Henweigh Cafe: I’m a big fan of this funky roadside eatery on the way to Forestville — though I don’t get a chance to stop by nearly as often as I’d like. From 5-8pm on Wednesday, the restaurant features it’s killer half-pounder for just a fiver. You’ll want to try their clam chowah, however, which is one of the best in the county, while you’re there. 4550 Gravenstein Hwy. North (Rt.116), Sebastopol, 829-7500.

Got any other favorite $5 burger night eats? Let me know!