Worst Halloween Candy

We're not gonna take those Airheads anymore!

This is not okay. Ever.

Okay, so we all know that Reeses and Milky Ways and Snickers rock. There’s no question that the Hershey’s Miniatures have a place in our hearts. But what about the stuff that you HATE. The nasty, questionable, inedible, turn-up-your-nose-even-if-it’s-free candy?
Every Halloween some lug nut has to give out pennies. Some well-meaning granny gives you linty gummy bears, the neighborhood do-gooder gives out tooth brushes and the dude who spends most of his time smoking on the front porch digs up last year’s Easter goodies and hands ’em out between puffs. Ick.
What are you LEAST favorite Halloween treats? Vote now and let ’em know we’re not gonna take those Airheads anymore!
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