Worst Halloween Candy

We're not gonna take those Airheads anymore!

This is not okay. Ever.

Okay, so we all know that Reeses and Milky Ways and Snickers rock. There’s no question that the Hershey’s Miniatures have a place in our hearts. But what about the stuff that you HATE. The nasty, questionable, inedible, turn-up-your-nose-even-if-it’s-free candy?
Every Halloween some lug nut has to give out pennies. Some well-meaning granny gives you linty gummy bears, the neighborhood do-gooder gives out tooth brushes and the dude who spends most of his time smoking on the front porch digs up last year’s Easter goodies and hands ’em out between puffs. Ick.
What are you LEAST favorite Halloween treats? Vote now and let ’em know we’re not gonna take those Airheads anymore!
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12 thoughts on “Worst Halloween Candy

  1. I, too enjoy the peanut butter taffy.. they are classic. Have any of your kids brought home the marshmallow eyeballs? They are terrible.. they seemed to show up a lot last year. The gross consistency and sour taste made these the least favorite, by far.

  2. I read the headline and the immediate image that came to me of “worse Halloween candy” was those peanut butter taffies. And then, I click to this page and see them.
    Yep. Worst candies.

  3. Last year I walked into the dental office and I saw it sitting there..a bowl with Halloween decorations on it. I thought hummm, maybe Snickers, Almond Joy, Maybe Milky Way. I approached the desk ready to dive into the bowl only to find some crappy tooth brushes and toothpaste. I sure gave my dentist a good talking to. I told him for all the money he charges the least he could do was to give us some good candy.

  4. Love the peanut butter taffy. When my kids were little I used to buy halloween candy 1/2 price the day after and sell it back to the kids at full price. Made quite a bit. LOL

    1. mean ol’ mom but i like it i like it i cannot believe i did not pull this one on my children when they were young. thanks for the chuckle Susan.

  5. Plain Hersey’s are bad? Oh no, I bought two bags of them. Good thing I have a bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups too. Happy Haunting

  6. I hate to say it but I kind of like those peanut butter candies. Soften them up a bit in the microwave and shove some M&M’s into them. There are ways to appreicate candy when desperate. Just sayin’.

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