Windsor: L’Assiette shuttered

In October, one of Windsor’s more forward-thinking eateries, L’Assiette quietly closed its doors. The neighborhood, it seems, wasn’t quite ready for super-luxe take away concept featuring a mix of local, organic, Cal-Mediterranean inspired foods from former SF chef Amey Shaw.

“Windsor just wasn’t prepared for the type of food I was doing. I had some really loyal, incredible customers. But there just weren’t enough people,” says Shaw, who is now heading up the kitchens at the Jimtown Store.

But is she just marking time, dishing up the roadside café’s well-loved, but mostly simple menu of soups and sandwiches? The answer is that, for now, she’s content putting her own touches on the daily specials and heading up Jimtown’s holiday catering. Manning the fires for hyper-connected owner Carrie Brown probably isn’t hurting her long term prospects, either.

For now, though frustrated by the failure of L’Assiette, Shaw says she’s going to see where life takes her next. Already, she’s been approached about heading up a new restaurant in the Bay Area (though she won’t say more). Let’s just hope it’s nearby. Because Sonoma County can’t afford to lose yet another talented chef for lack of opportunity.

Visit Amey at the Jimtown Store, 6708 State Highway 128, Healdsburg, 707.433.1212.