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Go see the Cake Boss LIVE at the Wells Fargo Center on Nov. 19

I wish I could give away tickets to all of you. Thanks so much for your wonderful stories. Stay tuned for more contests and giveaways. Some of my favorite stories will appear this Friday in the Press Democrat.

Want to spend an evening with Buddy Valastro? Well, who wouldn’t?
The Cake Boss star will be at the Wells Fargo Center on Nov. 19, 2010 doing a LIVE show featuring anecdotes, decorating tips and general amusement from his buttercream-frosted TLC show of the same name. He’ll also be giving some sneak peeks from his new cookbook.
Hey, yo! It’s almost like being at Carlo’s Bakery. Except not in New Jersey (phew).
To win two tickets to this family-friendly show, tell BiteClub your most crumb-tastic (that means memorable) cake story. Maybe it was your brother pushing your head into your own birthday cake when you were 5. Maybe it was the Pyramids of Giza cakes you made from scratch for your two year old (ahem, yes, that was me and they were dusted surrounded with brown sugar “sand”). Maybe it was simply a memory of eating your grandmother’s fluffy vanilla cake after school or baking your very first cake.
Submit your most awesome cake story in the comments below. One lucky winner will receive TWO tickets to see “An Evening with Buddy Valastro” on Nov. 19 AND get a meet and greet with Buddy after the show, courtesy of BiteClub.
I‘ll pick the winner based on MY favorite story, so feel free to pull my heartstrings. Good LUCK! (Full rules here.) UPDATE 11/11/10: Oh my gosh people, these are so great. I’m like crying at some of them. Amazing stuff. Wish I could give you ALL tickets. I’m going to see if we can get Buddy to read the winner at the event.

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66 thoughts on “Win Cake Boss Tix

  1. For as long as I can remember I have always loved baking. There are pictures of me when I was very little, standing on a step stool, with one hand stirring the cake batter and the other hand covered in it so I could lick my fingers! When I was in high school I would bake cakes and cookies all the time for my boyfriend (now my husband) and my dad, it always put a smile on their faces. I couldn’t make chocolate chip cookies unless it was an all day event because my dad would always ask me to make a few extra dozen so that he could bring them to the guys at his work. I was always daddy’s little girl and I could never say no to his big brown italian eyes. I lost him to cancer in June 2005 and it still hurts like it was yesterday… I really didn’t bake much after that for a coulple years because the memories hurt too much. My husband and I are both italian and when I stumbled upon Cake Boss it immediately became our favorite show to watch. It reminded me of the smiles and happiness it brought to people when I baked. I have learned soooo much by watching the Valastro family. The tips and tricks I learned by watching their show helped me (us, my husband always helps in whatever way he can) make my two most memorable cakes. One cake was for a Leukemia fundraiser for the son of one of my husbands co-workers. They called it “Jammin’ for Josh” and it was the largest cake I had ever made, 250 people! Josh was 3 at the time and he was really into Spider Man, so we covered it in red fondant with pictures of Josh and spider webs made with royal icing! He is an awesome little boy and such a fighter too! The other cake was for my husbands Nanni and Nonno (grandparents) who just celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary! We wanted to do a replica of their wedding cake but all of the old pictures just weren’t clear enough to make out the details. So we made a four tier cake with ivory fondant, lots of old school piping, modeling chocolate hearts, royal icing flowers and a ribbon around one tier that had an oval shaped picture of them on their wedding day framed out like a broach in the center. The whole family was there to celebrate their amazing milestone and to watch them renew their vows (which was a surprise set up for them) and everyone loved, loved, loved the cake! It was all so special and memorable for everyone.

  2. My very first cake was made in 1999. It was Blue the dog from Blues Clues and I made it for my son’s 2nd birthday. The cake in itself wasn’t amazing, actually it looked a little sad:) I used frosting in a can and egg food coloring (alot) to make it blue. I had no clue about the wonders of the cake world, like butttercream frosting, tips, pastry bags, or even frosting coloring. All I knew is my son liked Blues Clues and I was going to make him a Blue cake. See before my son was born I lived a life of selfish bad decisions. I had no interest in anything else but me. Then one day I had a life changing experience that gave me a love I never knew, and this love began to bleed into all of my relationships. I began caring and loving others before myself and here I was back in the kitchen baking!!! Putting all I had into this one cake for my son. Embarking on this huge adventure, and making a disaster in my kitchen. Blue frosing was everywhere and it was FUN!!! I remember laughing with my daughters about how crazy it was trying to make this cake look exactly like blue. Nevermind the head was crooked. That was all I needed to inspire me to begin baking birthday cakes for my children. And since then I have made Wedding cakes, Anniversary cakes, and yes even character cakes for family and friends. Not for money but for the love of people. That is the amazing part of this story……

  3. My very first cake that I attempted to bake a month ago was a chocolate fudge double layer cake with blackberry filling and whipped cream frosting. I am not your culinary chef. I was so intimidated because I was so anxious to please the family I was serving. I remember getting ready to fill and frost the cake. I thought to myself that I would be so embarrassed if the cake turned out bad. As I start to fill the bottom layer of the cake, I realize that I am putting too much blackberry filling. There’s no stopping it now. I added the frosting and it was not smoothing out. I added the second layer cake and then it started to crack. I quickly added the blackberry filling and next the whipped cream. It was falling apart right in front of my face! For a garnish I tried to add a dollop of the filling on top but that turned to be a big blob in the center. For the fainthearted, that would not be the perfect circumstance but I enjoyed every minute of it. Just knowing that I have the honor to bake for the people that I truly care about, made the experience so memorable. Every cake that Buddy bakes does not come out perfect but he just keeps on moving to finish the task at hand. The sheer fact that love makes the food taste better makes me strive to improve my cake baking. Needless to say that they thought the cake was good <3

  4. Ti amo Cake Boss…
    Well, BiteClub you’ll have a hard time picking as these are ALL great stories and I loved reading them. I too have stories but they sound a lot like most of these, happy times baking and decorating cakes, memories of whom I baked for, first birthdays and more. I’m a mother of 4 and starting baking cakes when I was 17. My first cake was a Playboy Bunny cake for my High School sweetheart’s 18th birthday. I married my High School sweetheart when I was 21 and we planned to have kids right away. I went out and bought more cake supplies and decorating books because I wanted to make my own baby shower cake when the time came. Well, I never got the chance to make my baby shower cake because I didn’t get pregnant until 8 1/2 yrs. later. I was so depressed all those years that I sold all my baby cooking pans, baby cake decorations and books. When I finally got pregnant I was so excited but still didn’t have the heart to make my own baby shower cake. BUT, I did make all my kids birthday cakes and this truly was memorable! My daughter who is 16 has fallen in love with Cake Boss and watches all his shows, she has even gotten me re-excited to make a baby shower cake for her when the time comes. I’d love to take her to see Cake Boss.

  5. Last summer, we flew to New York to visit my mom and family on Long Island. When we told our 13 year old son , Christopher, about our plans, he was overcome with excitement, not so much about the upcoming family reunion but, “oh my gosh,…Long Island…New Jersey…Hoboken…Cake Boss…Buddy!!!!”(Christopher’s favorite TV show and special hero Buddy) “WOW, mom it’s not that far. Could we go…please please please…could we?”
    Of course; we could and we did.
    Two days after arriving from California, we piled into our car, on a hot, humid, July morning and headed for New Jersey. It is not a long trip in miles but it is agonizingly slow, as the car travels over expressways, bridges, through tunnels, NYC traffic, and more bridges onto Hoboken. We were not quite finished yet. Outside the bakery was a long line of exuberant fans. We joined them and waited for over two hours in the hot baking sun. At last it was out turn to go in. Christopher was literally jumping up and down, for he would finally meet his idol. Sadly, we were told that Buddy was busy filming and unavailable. However, his family was there and welcomed all of us very warmly as we made our choices from the cases filled with mouth watering baked goods. Suddenly Christopher spied trays of crumb cakes coming out, still hot from the oven. “Buddy’s special”, he eagerly cried. We bought the crumb cake and other sweets. As we left the bakery, and walked to our car, we looked back and saw Buddy leaning out an upstairs window waving. Christopher was elated and was sure that Buddy was waving to him. We were barely on our way back to Long Island, when the fragrance of the crumb cake overcame us. We started nibbling at the cake. By the time we arrived home there was nothing left but crumbs. Our eagerly waiting family had to satisfy themselves with a few pieces of leftover pastry. However, we drove back to Hoboken two more times while we were on vacation and bought 12 more of the luscious crumb cakes… Some to bring home to Santa Rosa and some for Buddy’s fans on Long Island…THE BEST CRUMBTASTIC CAKE EVER!!!

  6. Hi,
    I’m from South Amboy, New Jersey and this is my crumtastic cake story. When I was 5 my sister Heather who was 9 got diagnosised with Leukemia. She had 2 types of it and spent alot of time in BethIsrael Hospital in Manhattan for many years. Well my mom was an awesome cook/baker and she even won prizes at the state fair. She could sew too. My birthday is on Jan 8. In 1977 when my sister was unfortunately in the hospital for the Christmas and New Year holiday I didn’t think I’d get a cake because my mom had to be with my sister and it made me really sad. My mom always made us awesome cakes for our birthdays. So I remember my birthday in 1977 very clearly because of the cake I got. Somehow my mom was able to bake me most Castle Cake you ever saw. It had a draw bridge, a tower, a well and the cake was make just like a krumpet would be because I loved Krumpets. There was candy everywhere making the castle look like it was adorned in jewels. The doors to the castle were chocolate and my mom made every detail by hand. There was even a flag flying from one of the steeples on the Castle. Let me tell you when I saw the cake I squealed with otter delight. I couldn’t believe that was a cake and it was my cake. I think that was one of the best time ever in my life and I’m 43. I am a fan of the show Cake Boss and I would be honored to have the chance to meet Buddy. When I watch his show I’m alway reminded of my Castle Cake. Thanks for helping to keep my memory alive.

  7. My daughter is 12. I think that she is Cake Boss biggest fan. She will sit and watch his show for hours and days. For christmas last year she wanted all the fancy making stuff. We went out and got her every color Fondand, all the cutters, mats. If it was something he used on his show she wanted it. So after christmas she had to make her fist cake. She sat there and watched his show and tried to do do some of the tricks. Well it wasnt the best looking cake but it was good. Nope wast going to do. She needed to do it better. Again made another cake. Much better this time. Great job. Well then things went bad. My daughter went on a trip this summer with her aunt to another state. Three days into the trip we get a phone call. Our daughter is having seizures. We tried getting her home but 5 seizures later they had to rush her to another city to the ICU. After two days in the ICU she was up for tv. We had to find cake boss. And we did. It has been three months and things are back to normal with Epilepsy. Since she has been home she has made three more cakes. We were at the stor about a month ago and she saw the flyer for Buddy. She flipped out. She said mom we have to go and see this. You have to get tickets mom. That is all I hear. So two nights ago I told her that there was a contest for who could draw the best best cake for Buddy. She said can I bake the cake for Buddy. So last night I came home from work and she had made two cakes. Apparently bigger is better. She felt that she had to make it taller. She pulled out all her her decorating tips, candies, sprinkles and everything else she could find. It just melted my heart to see that a 12 year old girl would go through such work to go and see a show. I had to burst her bubble and tell her that all she had to do was draw the cake. Needless to say. We took the cake to my familys for a celbration and the cake was a hit and did not go to waste. She said she didnt care as long as she gets to bake.

  8. I’m in my early fifties now but when young I grew up in Point Pleasant, New Jersey and lived with my mother. My father had just passed away, the year of my high school graduation. It being my mom’s birthday
    I planned a special little celebration and went out to get a few groceries and a pineapple upside down cake,
    her favorite, to celebrate. Taking a cab back to our apartment I struck up a conversation with the cab driver, a nice looking fella that seemed to take an interest in me as well. It started to rain on the way back and in the confusion I forgot the cake in the cab. Apologizing to my mom for my absent mindedness we were just sitting down to enjoy a little dinner when a knock on our apartment door surprised me with my lost cake in the hands of my handsome cab driver. Well, he stayed for dinner and helped us celebrate. One thing led to another and eventually we married and now have three handsome sons, two of which live here in Sonoma county with us today. Who could have known a wayward pineapple cake did it all.

  9. At 53 years old one of the favorite family stories still told had to do with my 10th birthday. In 1966 my Mom started taking cake decorating classes in Petaluma, comuniting weekly from Point Reyes. She was very proud of her cakes and made them for whoever asked. For my 10th birthday Mom asked me what I wanted my cake to look like. I picked a design from one of her cake decorating book, it was a paddle wheel boat. She spend several days baking and sculpting the many layers of the cake and working on the many intigate parts needed to assemble the cake. When it was finished it was truly a show piece! As the time for my party got closer Mom was busiy cleaning the house getting ready for the guests to arrive. I, being a very hyper 10 year old just couldn’t sit still so Mom asked me to sit down to stay out of her way, so I did. I jumped onto the counter and landed right on top of the cake. You can just imagine what happened to me! The only photo of the cake is what it looked like after I sat on it. There were only tears that day but we now look back on what happened and have a good laugh! Maybe that experiance is what lead me to follow in my Mom’s foot steps and learn how to decorate cake and enjoy her love for cooking, something that both of my kid’s also love to do. Mom still enjoy’s shairing this story at family birthdays.

  10. My favorite cake memories involve watching our children enjoy cake and learn to decorate. My wife and I decorate cakes together for family and friends. One of our first cakes was when we made an Elmo cake for our son Dillon’s first birthday (that’s him at 4 in the profile pic above). We went through sooo much red gel coloring trying to get the color just right. It was a blast watching Dillon tear into the cake – his face and hands were red for days – good thing we had a separate cake for the guests. As the years have passed, our children have grown to love decorating cakes with us. We can’t even keep play-do in the house because they think it is fondant. For Dillon’s fifth birthday party, he asked for a cake decorating party. His friends came over and decorated their own cupcakes. They also pitched in to decorate Dillon’s cake – a 6×6 square cake that ended up a mountain of frosting, sprinkles, and colored sugars.

  11. Hi, my name is Melanie Hernandez , my favorite hobby is baking and one day I would love to own my own bakery. I now attend the Santa Rosa Junior College for Culinary Arts and 3-D Art thats were my cake comes in to play. We had to come up with a mobile that really functions. Since I love to bake I decided to make my mobile design out of cakes. My mobile was made from metal rods that conected from the back sides, the top one being the longest to the bottom being the smallest. I chose to use 5 layers to make a step affect. Each layer of cake was attached to the other end of the rod and sat on plastic cake trays with a tup though them for the wire to hang from the rod. This cake took me many hours to get the design to work. We had to rehang the cakes about 10 different times to find the hanging angles for each rod. When we finley got it right the cakes looked amazing and it was a big sucess. The whole art department just loved it .Everyone had to touch the rods just to see if it really worked and they were all so amazed that the cakes didn’t even fall when they spun the rods around. At the end of my demo everyone got to enjoy the yummy cake.

  12. My best cake ever made or ate moment…..ahhhhh there have been so many of them! They each bring such a fond memory and bring up so many wonderful feelings of love and special times with family it is hard to choose! From the lopsided runny icing carousel cake, to the painstaking “dots” to form a Tweety Bird design, to the oh my goodness moment of was that sugar or salt I used? Each has a special place in our hearts. But the one that stands out the most is the time when my children who were then 10, 8 & 6 make a birthday cake for Mommy…with no help from anyone. They labored over the directions and what a joy it was to hear them work together, laugh, and argue while they were making their “concoction” and how I giggled to myself when I heard one say “that’s not how mom does it”. Then after it came out of the oven of course they could not wait to frost it (yes it was still hot). Oh my….. if you could have only see the chunks of cake that were pitted against and mixed into the frosting!! That lumpy and yes CRUNCHY cake was the absolute best thing I have ever had to this day IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! Moments as those we hold with us and cherish for a lifetime. It is an inspiration to see Buddy and his family work together, laugh, argue and remember how “his father made cakes” that makes Family Moments like these so special!!

  13. Hi, I wanted to relate a story about my brother Tom. It was his 25th anniversary as a priest and he asked me to make a sweet table for him. I spent the better part of a week making all sort of pasteries for my brothers friends and family. I surprized him with a gingerbread church that was just like the church he was ordained in I had to got to the store at 11:00 at night, because I ran out of crackers for the roof. It was a great site to see when everything was finished and everyone love the cake, cookies and pasteries.

  14. When I was 11 we lived in Paterson, NJ (not too far from Buddy”s hometown.) I worked at the familys bakery after school cleaning up. I wanted to be a baker and marveled at the beautiful work my uncles did on all the cakes. We always carried a whipped cream Italian Rum Cake ($2.75 in 1966) that we would write on per customers request at the time of purchase. One evening a woman came in and bought one of these cakes for her son’s birthday. Unfortunately my uncle was not in and my dad,( who also owned the bakery) had to tell the woman we would be unable to write on the cake. I insisted he allow me to do it. I watched my uncles do it many times and I knew where he kept the piping gel we used to write on the cakes. With cake in hand I went to the work area and proceeded to pipe a disproportioned version of Happy Birthday Howard. Having no skills in spacing my letters it read Hapy Brthdy Hwrd. That’s all I had room for. I placed the cake in the box and put the lid down hoping the customer would be home before she saw it and my dad wouldn’t find out. I gave her the cake and retreated to the work area again. About ten minutes later, the door to the work area opened and there was my dad cake in hand and mad, I was at least 30 feet away he let the cake fly, while i tried to get out of the way it managed to get me right in the back of my head, a one in a million shot!!!. I must have been quite a sight because he laughed so hard I started to laugh too and all was forgiven. I still had to pay for the cake.
    Sam Schembari


  16. I grew up with my Grandmother Aranka who was from Hungary. She used to make Banana Cake on my birthday. Grandma would bring the cake to my room in the morning with a rose.
    Grandma taught me how to bake and even better, she showed me how to make Banana Cake. I am 60 yeas old now and have passed this wonderful recipe on to my daughter in law and will eventually be made by my 4 year old granddaughter Ella.
    I have baked this cake for 50 years and is the most delicious cake ever. People along the way have asked that I make this cake professionally. Instead, I give them away as gifts of love.

  17. When i was in 4th grade, we had to do a Historic Missions Project. Each of us were assigned our own missions to write a report on and create a project piece so show off in class. I was assigned Mission San Juan Capistrano in Southern California and decided to make a beautiful cake with a rice paper painting on a portion of it illustrating and representing my mission. In the morning, I was sooooo excited to take the cake into class and show off what me and my Aunt had worked so hard on. As I was walking down the hallway, almost to class, I tripped and the cake went flying and splattered on the ground. All I had to show the class was a ripped drawing and a crumbled cake. I was so upset with myself that day….but seeing the Cake Boss would TOTALLY make up for it 🙂

  18. When I was 8 years old, my Mom made me a 3 layered pink, coconut covered cake, she had dyed the coconut pink too. My friends had all come over my house for my party. The cake looked like one giant pink snowball. I really don’t like coconut but my Mom was so proud of her cake, I just smiled and was happy that she had done all that work for me. All I could think of was, thank goodness we had ice cream too.
    I have kids of my own now, and I enjoy making homemade cakes for them. Since our whole familia watches and love your show, I have stepped up my game, and have explored different flavors and I enjoy making fontant, to decorate the cake. I never shy away from bringing dessert to the party!!!
    These tickets would make an awesome bithday present for my husband 11/20 and I 11/26.

  19. The Magical Cake
    Our cake story begins when my fiancé and I discovered that I had long lost relatives in Italy and once the conversation came up, we both discovered that we had each dreamed of being married in Italy. We decided to fulfill both dreams of a European wedding and bonding with our family by being married in Italy. The process was a bit complicated though, due to the fact that this was a small island with one baker who did not speak much English. After many nights of staying up until it was business hours in Italy to negotiate, I sent a picture that I idealistically had found in (American) Modern Bride. My concern began when the baker very enthusiastically told me he had never baked anything like it, but that “he was excited to try!” I crossed my fingers and sent the Euros.
    We had a beautiful ceremony, (the web site link is above) and after enjoying appetizers we went to the main seating area, where I saw a fabulously decorated cake table with no cake on it. By this time I had a couple glasses of Prosecco in me and my Italian became a unique blend of Spanish-Portuguese-English and Italian that nobody seemed to understand as I was going from person to person in a panic asking where is the cake? It should be on the table! People should be marveling at it and taking photos! There was nothing but a large vacant space next to the cake plates! Ayyyy! Eventually one of my cousins convinced me that this was OK-in Italy, the actual meal takes hours as they serve many courses and it is very normal for the cake to come later. I sat back down and enjoyed the evening, and the cake did come. It wasn’t quite like the photo I had sent, (I am sure Buddy would have got it perfect!) but it was the perfect quirky blend of American and Italian traditions just like the rest of the wedding. When we returned home from our honeymoon, we found out that the cake actually was a magical cake-we had a baby girl nine months later!

  20. The Cake Boss is the one show that my husband and I actually enjoy watching together. I typically like reality shows, he likes the history channel, so somehow this one works for us! We would love to see Buddy in person-we went to the site to order tickets but the only ones left are in the rafters. So here is our story:
    We are from Sonoma County but recently discovered we have family in Elba, Italy. My husband and I had both dreamed of being married in Italy so we took advantage of the opportunity to merge both our dreams of a beautiful European marriage and bonding with our family. The website link above is to our wedding web site. You may see the photos of our cake which caused much mayhem on the island. Apparently a typical Italian wedding cake is far different from the photos of the cake that I sent over out of my modern (American) bride magazine. The bakers response to my request was roughly translated to “I have never seen anything like this but I am excited to try.” This did not give me the utmost confidence, but I was in America trying to plan a wedding on a small Italian island where very little English is spoken so I just crossed my fingers and went with it.
    We were married on a small private beach below a villa (which was VERY confusing for our family as it was outside every tradition they have). They explained it to each other by saying it was “OK because we were from America”! After the ceremony we came up to the villa and had appetizers. About two hours had already passed when we were sitting down for our meal and I looked to the cake table and panicked when I saw it was still empty! There was no cake anywhere to be found and nobody was concerned. I was trying to keep my composure as I went from person to person trying to find the cake but they spoke broken English and after a couple glasses of champagne my Italian sounds like Spanglish-italian-portuguese all combined into one. Anyhow, after a meltdown I was finally convinced by the family that this is normal in Italy for the cake to come late because the dinner is MANY hours long! Eventually the cake did come, (I am sure Buddy could have done a better job-although I appreciated the effort) and the party did go on. Apparently the cake was magical though-we did have a beautiful baby girl nine months later!

  21. My grandpa is sicilian as well as Buddy and his family my grandpa always calls me Kay-beda and when its Christmas time my grandpa makes his crab chipino and my nana makes homemade cannolis. Every year we go over to my grandmas and my family comes over and we open presents. I love that every year we can celebrate and I love my nanas homemade pumpkin, apple, and pecan pie! it tastes so good with vinnila ice cream. Someday i will take on the familys baking secrets and recepes. When im older i wanna do exactly what Buddy does i really do! I will go to culanry school and open my own bakery! I have even been saving up all my money! BUDDY IS MY IDOL!

  22. My Nana and I are big bakers in our family, my nana makes the best pies ever! the best you will ever taste. One day i went over to her house and we both made HUGE cupcakes and i frosted them and we both ate one cupcake! then her and i made a pumpkin spice cake and it was 3 layers. later she made a pie and it was delicious! My nana’s house is the house for all parties! last time i went over there it was my cousins birthday and we went CRAZY! with baking! My mom keeps telling my nana she should open a bakery and sell her amazing pies, cookies, and cakes! but my nana is out of work, and doesnt want to pay the money. One time on my birthday i made 3 oreo pies and my nana made her famous apple pie and pecan pie! best ever!! I really wanna win this contest beacause when i grow up i wanna do exactly what Buddy does! i look up to him so much! im gonna go to culanry school and then im gonna open a bakery! 🙂

  23. My most memorable cake is one I’d rather forget. In 1981 I was visiting family in Sweden and after an enormous and delicious meal the hostess (my mother’s cousin’s wife) brought out the dessert. This, she informed me, was a “Forgotten Cake” made of meringue, baked for a bit of time and then left in the oven for hours…and don’t open the oven! Fresh blueberries were poured over the top. Well I ate some of the forgotten cake and I wished I hadn’t. After the meal we were taken for a drive in the countryside. I sat in the back seat of her car, warmed by the sun, winding along curve after curve. I couldn’t enjoy the beautiful scenery…It was all I could do to not get sick all over the back seat of the car. It was years before I could face another blueberry and I wouldn’t eat meringue for a million bucks! (Okay, well maybe for a million I would, but no less!)

  24. I had been dating this amazing guy for about two weeks, and his birthday was coming up. When I asked my mom to bake him her “special” birthday cake, she agreed happily. My plan was to take him out for dinner, and then take him back to my parents’ home for a surprise birthday celebration. The plan went off smooth as chocolate…dinner was great…the cake was a surprise…the candles were lit, wishes made, and the candles were blown out. As the slices were cut and passed around, we all took big, gooey bites of the much anticipated birthday cake, including my new guy. All of a sudden, he is trying to gracefully spit out his bite and at the same time detach the toothpick that was stuck in the roof of his mouth! You see, it was our family’s tradition to hold the layers of the cake together with the same number of toothpicks as the age of the birthday person, in this case 24. Unfortunately, Chris was initiated into this family tradition in a really memorable but painful way. To his credit, he stuck around, and actually married into my crazy family. Now, almost 27 years later, we have abandoned that dangerous tradition…now we stick to sheet cakes, no toothpicks required!

  25. When I was a little kid, maybe eight-years-old, my brother, then eleven, and I were recruited by my cousin (she was living with us while attending SSU) to bake my mom’s brithday cake. It was a covert operation taking place in the early hours of the morning; the baking process had to be finished by the time my mom woke up to get ready for work at 6:30 a.m. We figured that embarking on our baking around 4:30 would leave us enough time to measure, mix, bake, cool, and fan all the cake-baking aromas out the kitchen window without rousing suspicion. Being eight-years-old, a 4:30 arousal wasn’t the simplest feat, but my dad told me I had to do what I said I would and I made it out to the kitchen and lined up with my brother to begin. My mom’s favorite food is chocolate, so the obligatory choice for young amateur bakers was the cake recipe off of the back of the Hershey’s Cocoa container. What seemed like countless hours of chicken egg cracking, a precariously poured cup of Clover milk, and a counter-coating, cocoa-induced sneeze, the batter was ready for pan apportioning. If it had not been for my cousin, I’m sure there would have been a batter overflow as my grandma’s 8-inch cake pans made it into the oven to bake. At this point, lack of sleep was winning against my brother and me, so we were put back to bed for the rest of the baking and cooling. My cousin told us that we would finish the cake that night and that we must not let mom wonder what we were doing that made us so tired. With the cakes cooled when we returned that afternoon, icing was the next step, and only more chocolate would do. Another round of less tired mixing ended up with something that seemed pretty good at the time, but I now know that butter cream is, in fact, creamy and not slimy. My cousin iced as we wee ones observed and we ended up with a shiny cylindrical block that resembled a cake. When night fell and we returned from an Italian dinner at our old traditional birthday restaurant, Buona Sera, it was time for cake. Mom sure acted surprised upon my brother and my exclamations of how we had fooled her into thinking there was no birthday cake when we had made it for her before she even woke up. Our four chorus family version of “Happy Birthday” led into cake cutting and, most importantly, cake eating. The anticipation had built up throughout the day for how amazing this cake would be, as, after all, it was a homemade cake! It was horrible; bone-dry, crumbly, and gooey frosting. I’ve never had a worse cake. Betty Crocker was a crock had given me unrealistic expectations about cake moisture and I was flabbergasted. Mom, of course, “loved it” and ate her whole piece, as I swore, as vehemently as an eight-year-old can, that I would never bake a cake again. Now I bake all the time and my cakes are not dry and crumbly and my frostings are light and smooth. Many more years of baking with my mom showed me that I do love baking, but I will never forget how badly it can end up.

  26. My most memorable cake story is a bit gross… but when I was about 10 my friend and I were suppose to make cupcakes for class the next day. After all the ingredients were in and we cracked the last egg we saw what looked to be an egg embryo. We screamed… but realized we didn’t have any other ingredients to start over, so we spooned out what we could of the embryo and continued on with the cupcakes. Needless to say my friend and I passed on the cupcakes the next day and let our classmates enjoy them.

  27. I wanted to make my grandmothers “german choc cake” recipe for my dad for his bday, because my grandmother has made this cake for the past 57 years on my dads bday, until she passed away 2 years ago…. i found the recipe among her belongings and spent hours and about $60 to make this cake from scratch for my dads birthday….needless to say it turned out awesome! my dad was in tears, because he never expected to have a ” german choc cake” from scratch ever again, because the only one who made this was his mother ( rip grandma)….the tears were flowing! thanks for the recipe grandma and for allowing me to keep a 60 year family tradition alive !!!!!

  28. I started cake decorating about a year ago. It is my dream to own a bakery and fulfill sweet tooth desires all over Sonoma County. I actually started taking classes because baking has always been an obsession for me and I needed to be able to decorate my sweets and make them look as good as they tasted.
    My best cake story is I recently made my first wedding cake for a couple whom I was referred to. People that did not even know me or my cakes. It was a big hit! The wedding was at the Tiburon Yacht Club so it was a Nautical theme. I made white chocolate shells and surrounded the bottom of the cake with “sand” (vanilla wafers). It was the best feeling to be part of someone’s special day in that way.

  29. Service brat, moved every few years, but where ever in the world we moved, my grandmother in Germany sent us an almond cake with marzipan frosting.
    One year in Morocco, we received the most beautiful cake, covered with flowers of every color and size. The most amazing thing? Not one petal was broken!
    We carry on this tradition every year at Thanksgiving by making an almond frosting, I could not compete!

  30. I also grew up in a big Italian family and I am the youngest of five kids. My Nana lived with us for many years. She is Sicilian so every Christmas she would make the traditional Sicilian Christmas cookies Cuccidati. She always asked for help from my older sisters and brother and they would always run away and leave me standing. She would say to me, “no one wants to help me so you come with me”. I was only 5 years old. My job was to turn the grinder handle while she put in all the figs, nuts, and dates for the cookie filling. When she wasn’t looking I would throw in more chocolate chips in the grinder. Nana is gone now but we still make cuccidati cookies every Christmas and I always throw in more chocolate chips.

  31. I am a huge fan of cake. I bake cakes and cupcakes whenever I can, even if it’s not for a special occasion. However, my favorite back story is not about baking a cake or even about me eating a delicious piece of cake. My favorite cake story is the day I got to watch my daughter eat her very own first piece of cake. It was her 1st birthday and we had a great big party with family and friends. Everyone was so excited about watching her tear into her first piece of cake. And she really did tear into that cake. It was a chocolate cake, filled with chocolate buttercream filling, topped with whipped cream frosting. After cautiously taking the first taste, she plunged into the cake fists first. And when the hands just weren’t cutting it anymore, she dove in head first. I made sure to capture this moment with lots of pictures. My daughter was covered from head to toe in chocolate cake. It was in her hair, all over her face, down her shirt and I believe I found some pieces in her diaper as we were cleaning her up. The mess she had made from eating that piece of cake was so bad that we had to give her a bath during the middle of the party just to clean it all off of her. When her piece of cake was demolished and there was none left for her to eat, she started crying. To this day, she is just as obsessed with cake as I am!

  32. The funniest and most memorable cake story happened when I was about 9 years old. It was my grandfather’s birthday, he had to be 73 or so. He used to play around and scare the kids by popping out his top row of dentures and show us kids. Well cake time came and we sang “Happy Birthday to you.” Just as my grandfather blew out his candles, his top row of dentures went skipping across the cake, he hadn’t properly put them back on! He could not stop laughing and the kids were so creeped out they would not touch the cake. He’s been gone for about two years now but I will never forget him or this story. 🙂

  33. I have so many fond memeriors both of my parents came from the depression era so my my mom made our cakes one of my very most favorite cakes is the lady baltimore cake my mom would always make this for my birthday loved it i started my baking days on a chair in the kitchen with my mom one of my dads favorite cakes was a coco cake very simple to make but he loved it and i have been baking and cooking ever since both of my parents were cooks so i grew up in this wonderful world of baking cooking and how to make a dogone good meal thank you for letting me share

  34. For my daughter’s 19th birthday this year she asked me to make her a fruit basket cake. I started the cake two nights in advance, baking 4 rounds one night, preparing the filling the next morning so it could chill all day while I worked, then was going to frost and decorate the cake that evening so it could chill and set overnight.
    Unfortunately, when I got home from work and prepared to frost the cake it was the hottest day of the year. Temperatures on the way home read 115 at the fairgrounds. I live in an upstairs apartment that had been closed up all day – no amount of air conditioning or fans cooled the place off. Every stroke of frosting I put on instantly melted and slid off the cake in a gooey pool of doom around the edges. I put the cake in the freezer and chilled the frosting for an hour hoping it would be easier to frost if it was cold but even that didn’t help. I went to bed in tears thinking my poor daughter wasn’t going to have her homemade cake and I would have to resort to buying something last minute.
    But, I decided to get up at 3 am when everything had cooled off and spent the next 2 hours meticulously filling, frosting, and decorating the cake to look like a basket. I went to work exhausted that day, but knew it had been worth it. The few friends I had called crying about it to the next night were stunned when it was time to light the candles and serve cake – no one could tell the disaster that had gone on the night before and my daughter had the best birthday cake of her life.

  35. We are event planners who specialize in weddings in the Wine Country and we produce lots of weddings throughout the year. We always suggest to our brides that they use our cake lady but we get that one bride every once in a while who would rather use their amateur friend to save them money. Last June, after the bride and groom did their cake cutting ceremony, my assistant coordinator and I started to lift the 3 tier cake off the table and it moved like no other cake ever has before. Despite of what we felt,we proceeded to lift the cake. We had the cake about 4 inches off the table and the top 2 layers SLID right off the bottom layer! We were shocked and just looked at one another in total shock and then turned to see the entire room as well as the bride and groom staring at us! The bride just laughed and said oh well! When we got the cake back to the kitchen we found that there were no rods or support for the 3 layers and to top it off, there was a wad of tape between the bottom layer and the plate. We had to take pics because no one would believe this really happened.

  36. Well a friend of mine went to a local and fine SR grocery bakery (not name names) to purchase her close friend’s cake. She requested to write the usual “Happy Birthday”. When she got the cake, it was written “Happy Bithday” without the letter “R”. So she kept the sugared cake topper message and showed it to a co-worker. The co-worker said. “No, there was no missing “R” but a missing “C”. They had a hearty laugh obviously!

  37. When my grandpa turned 75 we celebrated at my parents home. Mom made a delis dinner as always. And I was to make the dessert aka birthday cake. Well when I went to cut and make two layers it crumbled on me. I was frustrated, but I was able to take the worst case situation and make it work. So instead of a nice round cake with strawberry filling and whip cream; we had a redirection. I took my mom’s trifle bowl and made layers of crumbled cake, whip and strawberries. It became the earthquake cake. This was fitting as my grandfather was born the day of the San Francisco earthquake. Memories, gotta love them!

  38. Since I can remember for all my siblings and my 10 cousin’s birthdays; my grandmother always made us her Brown Sugar cake. It was a simple yellow cake with brown sugar icing, it just screamed comfort. Although we are all getting older and are getting more sophisticated taste buds and I went to culinary school and have spent days on end making many different kinds of cake; my Uma’s (grandmas) Brown sugar cake is by far my most favorite cake and my cousins. Each year it brings different memories. Building club houses in the backyard, helping my Umpa (grandfather) in the garden, playing with my Uma’s old dolls from when she was a child. This cakes smell, taste and texture bring all of those memories out and more. The rich brown sugar frosting clinging onto the cloud like moist cake with a glass of ice cold milk; life can’t get much better than that.

  39. When my son was 2 years old…I baked his birthday cake from scratch. The theme? Well…Dinosaurs! the Jurassic Park movie was popular at that time. I remember that I made the trees from a palm tree stirrer I got from a small dollar store in Novato where we used to live at that time. And then little dinosaur toys on top of it. I still have the picture of the cake and truly was my son’s birthday ever!

  40. Growing up, we didn’t have much money for treats. Yet, every year my mom would make a wonderful chocolate cake with pudding and it had walnuts and chocolate chips on top. She would bake it in her old Pyrex 13×9 inch pan. That cake was so wonderful. She used a box mix and turned it into a masterpiece.
    Years later, I asked her to make it again and she forgot what else she put in it. I still wonder what she put in the box of mix. That will always be my favorite (and my brother’s also) Thanks Mom for everything. You are the greatest.

  41. I already got my ticket, but would absolutely love to be able to meet Buddy, I’m a huge fan, and I’ve seen EVERY episode, and if I’m not home, i tape it.
    My most memorable birthday memory is simple, when i was a child my mom used to bake huge birthday cakes for the family, but she stopped doing it when i was around 9 or 10. For years all the family has asked and wondered if she’d ever do it again, and we never got a straight answer.
    For my 40th birthday, she surprised me and my entire family by baking me my favorite cake!!!! It was the first time in 30 years(?) that she has baked a cake…we all loved it.
    I would love to meet Buddy and see what his most memorable memories are.

  42. I was baking a cake with my sister for my moms birthday and my wife was pregnant so i made a cake of a pregnant women my mom looked confused and blew out the candles and i was like your wish came true your having a grand child..In such sock she trip in fell in face first in the cake…she was crying with cake dripping down her face we talk about it all the time 🙂 and she got the cutest grandson in the world 🙂

    1. My best cake story . . . I received my First Holy Communion when I was 7 years old; the year was 1964. I recall my mom cooking for days . . . lasagne, chicken cacciatore, sausage, Italian cookies and preparing for this celebration. My most vivid memory is the “cake”. My mom baked most of the cakes that she served, but this time she ordered a
      “bakery” cake from the Starlite Bakery in San Mateo. It was not just any cake; it was a St. Honore Cake.
      If I close my eyes, I can see that cake. It was huge; it was round and tall. It was beautiful. There were twenty to twenty-five cream puffs on the top. There were beautiful pink butter-cream icing roses in-between the cream puffs and large dollops of whipping cream with a candied cherry on each mound. The cake was white as snow, filled with an Italian rum cream. All of this sat on a large base of puff pastry. I felt so special when I saw this cake.
      It was a very wonderful day filled with great family memories. To this day, I get a special feeling when I see a St. Honore Cake. Thank you.

  43. For our Grandaughter Allysons 6th birthday her grandpa and I made her a circus theme cake complete with a train, animals and big top tent. Ally and I love to watch Buddy and his family work their magic and i know that by watching him i had the courage to attempt the cake. All the kids loved the cake, and Ally loves to help create cakes and I love that we get to create memories to last a lifetime. It would be a great honor to be able to meet Buddy and the guys,

  44. When my husband turned 40, I wanted to make him a special cake. Not only was he having a milestone birthday, he was running his first half marathon on his birthday. I wanted to make this a truly momentous occasion for him! Unfortunately, he can not eat a lot of sugar so I was trying to accommodate that problem but still make him something special. I had one of those giant cupcake pans and I thought that will make an awesome cake for him. My son always wants cake to be blue, so I colored one part of the cupcake blue and one part green (hey, my son is color blind, he thought it looked great). I got a low sugar cake mix and mixed it up with a can of diet soda. And miracle of miracles… I found a package of sugar free frosting. Just add some milk and you’re good to go. I bake the cake and make up the frosting. Put the giant cupcake together and frost it. The cake is super fragile and hmmm, blue and green cake are not really that appetizing looking. The giant cupcake starts to list to the side. Trying to be creative, I put a handful of cashews under the cake. I’m not sure what I thought it would do but it helped prop up that side of the cake for a bit. By the time we cut the cake, it had serious structural problems. We each try a slice of giant cupcake… not only is the cake just unappetizing looking, it tastes so-so and the sugar free frosting? No bueno! On so many levels, it was truly the most horrible cake I have ever made. While my husband appreciated the effort, he said that if we left the cake out on the counter, not even the ants would eat it! So I guess he got a truly memorable 40th birthday cake… just not the kind you really want to remember LOL

  45. I really began baking when I was 12. The next door neighbor boy was a scrawny , non-athletic freshman. Early in the high school year, he was really beat up badly by a gang of high school bullies. I felt so bad for him that I decided to bake him a cake. We invited his family to dinner. I also made a pretty mean spaghetti and a green salad. When they arrived, it was the first time I had seen him, about a week after the incident. He was so black and blue and his jaw was just freed from wires, he had missing teeth and really he looked just frightful. He couldn’t eat too much of the dinner, but he could eat the cake. Chocolate of course. It was the beginning of connecting the satisfaction of giving to others something you found pleasure in doing.
    I would be very pleased to take my daughters, the new bakers, to see Buddy to represent all of us who love to cook and give joy to others.

  46. Started my pastry career at the age of 7, selling my easy bake oven goodies around the neighborhood in the 60’s. Then we moved to France and I was delighted by the délices in the windows and soon to be in my tummy of patisseries. So, my mom bought me an English cake cook book and I spent the next umpteen years trying to master those cakes which turned out like frisbees everytime. Tasty but flat, never did conquer those recipes. But all that training, eventually led to a position at a resto in LA in the early 80’s which was a moonlight job from my corporate day job. Had a cheesecake company in my past and I’m totally convinced that the Larkfield Center needs a another bakery. But my day job always calls. I’ve pretty much mastered the art of french baking, because of Julia Child who I met in the 70’s, but I’ve always been a “rustique” baker – never fancy decorations, even thought that darn English book had directions for roses, etc. So, I love Buddy and he and his crews knack for pulling off those marvelous cakes, which people say taste good. That’s the true test for me – decorated ain’t anything if you don’t have flavor!

  47. I just HAVE to see Cake Boss, I have made all of my two children’s birthday cakes. all 26 birthdays. It’s my best gift to them every year. I am now making a HUGE football cake for my son’s football team, it’s so big it needs to be plated on plywood. It will include all players numbers, and a 5 foot by 8 foot field complete with goal posts. I am an optician by day but a cake decorator by dreams. It truely is my gift to all who i make them for. I may not have much money but it’s the best gift you can give from your heart. I would do anything to get these tickets. I’ll bring you a cake after I get those tickets….Please :), I want to take my daughter. We have seen all of the cake boss episodes.

  48. When I was young we had a family friend that was transferred from New Jersey to California with our family. She always made the most amazing cakes and I always wanted to learn. By the time I was old enough to start learning she had been diagnosed with cancer and passed away not long after. Several years ago I finally decided to take a cake decorating class and I have been doing it ever since. With every cake I make I think of Joanne and how I wish she had been the one to teach me. I recently saw one of her daughters and she has also started decorating. We share our photos with each other and what she would have thought about our work. She would have loved Cake Boss because it brings back so many memories of where we are from and how important family and friends are.

  49. If you are a child, having a summer birthday is a bummer if you want a party with your friends. Through the school year kids would have parties, but summer time is different. My son’s birthday is smack in the middle of July. Birthday parties with friends are difficult because friends are vacationing, out of town, at camp, or in summer programs. My son spent every summer complaining because having a birthday party with his friends never worked out. Even now that he is older (14) , we are often out of town visiting relatives or camping on his birthday. This last summer, we were home for his birthday and I decided to have a family party for him. We sent out invitations and I prepared for a BBQ since hamburgers are one of his favorite foods. I also decided to make him a hamburger cake. My mother-in-law asked if she could order a cake for him. And I replied “No that’s alll right. I’m going to make him a hamburger cake.” I heard a hesitation in her voice, but she just said ‘Okay”. I did make him a ‘hamburger cake’, a cake in the shape of a hamburger. The inside was two layers vanila cake for the bun with chocolate cake as the hamburger patty and chocolate frosting between the layers. The frosting outside was light brown on the buns and dark chocolate frosting on the patty portion of the cake. I then decorated with green, yellow, and red frosting along the edges to represent lettuce, ketchup, and mustard. On top was individual rice krispie cereal pieces to represent sesame seeds. When my mother-in-law came over for the party she exclaimed “Oh, is this the cake? It’s so cute.” As I was greeting other family members, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number. She turned her back and said “I just had to call you. It’s a cake in the shape of a hamburger, not a hamburger cake.” They chatted a little more and then she hung up. I must have been staring at he in confusion because she said “We couldn’t figure out how hamburger could be in a cake. We’ve been baffled for days. And we all started laughing.

  50. My husband and I were honing in on the final week of our month-and-a-half long honeymoon, spent traveling (and tasting!) our way through Italy, Turkey, and Greece. That day, we had taken our 3 cylinder Chevy Matiz rental off-road through the hills of southern Crete, gone spelunking in remote caverns, and were enjoying a quiet prix-fix meal of wine, fresh cheeses, barley bread, salad, and Greek omelet at the unnamed (and only) restaurant in the tiny village of Pefki. As we watched the sunset over the Libyan sea and our meal came to a close, we were presented with what could only be described as an indistinct blob of gooey chaos. To say that we were unimpressed by the creamy amoeba before us, which had been haphazardly garnished with ground pistachio, would be an understatement. But, hungry as I was from the days’ activities and emboldened by a half liter of wine, I decided to try it anyway, and the first bite changed our entire trip. The whipped cream topping gave way to a layer of spongy cake, soaked in honey and tasting ever so slightly of ouzo, an Anise-flavored Greek liquor. Underneath, paper thin slices of fresh strawberries sat atop strata of delicate phyllo dough, slathered with honey and ground pistachios. All of this on a base of yet more sponge cake soaked in melting whipped cream and ouzo spiked honey. The unlikely and completely unexpected combination of flavor, setting, and experience culminated in an unforgettable and solitary moment which will forever overshadow that of Rome, the tower of Pisa, the Italian Riviera, Istanbul, Athens, and everywhere else we visited the five weeks prior. My only hope is to have a long, happy marriage as sweet and invigorating as that cake…My only regret is that I didn’t learn enough Greek to get the Recipe. βρῶμα θεῶν !

  51. I was a very young bride in 1968. I remember ordering my wedding cake with my mother over the bakery counter in San Francisco. Probably took all of 10 minutes. We saved and froze our top anniversary tier from our wedding cake. A whole year went by, and we anticipated our first anniversary celebration with our family and friends.
    We defrosted our anniversary tier and it looked just perfect. Along with champagne saved from our wedding, our cake knife in hand, my husband and I proceeded to slice into our wedding cake anticipating that first bite that we would share. Well, as we pushed the knife down into the cake….the knife bent to one side. We both giggled and tried again in another spot….again the knife bent even more to the side as we applied more pressure. Our immediate thought was that the cake was still frozen or it was pretty stale.
    So we decided to pick and remove some of the icing with the tip of the knife. Lo and behold, that is when we discovered that the bakery baked a fruitcake inside of a tin foil pan, turned it upside down, and iced and decorated the tin foil pan. No wonder we could not slice through it! After a lot of laughs, we all enjoyed a bite of the fruitcake.
    Now, 42 years later, who would have ever thought I would be creating wedding cakes for a living. Times have changed over the years… requests for fruitcake and no tin foil pans.

  52. Over 40 years ago, several of my cousins and I were visiting our Grandmother. She decided to bake us a chocolate cake and we were all excited. In the process of baking the cake, she pulled it out to check on it and it fell out of the oven. The cake was half baked and ruined and my Grandmother was so upset. After the cake cooled all of the grandkids gathered around the cake with fork in hand and enjoyed. I have to say it was the best chocolate cake I ever had. We all had a great time and that put a smile on my Grandmother’s face!

  53. My stepmothers’ birthday is April 1st. (April fools day) When I was a rebellous teenager, I thought I would get to her by frosting a box. (flat sheet size) We were having my Aunt and Uncle over for dinner and cake. My uncle is her brother. Anyway the plan was my sister was to come later with a real cake, of course she was late I mean after the party late, everyone went home. Anyway After dinner I fixed the table for thee cake. We all sung Happy Birthday she even blew out the candles. I gave her the knife to cut the cake first piece and that’s when I Yelled “April Fools”.. Needless to say I was the one who got fooled, I was so mad at my sister for not showing up on time. Everyone left without having cake:( …

  54. My Mother-in-Law used to always tell the story of when her children were young she would make them a money cake for their birthdays. She would wrap coins in wax paper and bake them into the cake. Shortly before she passed away, I was making a Birthday cake for her and I remembered the money cake story. So, without telling anyone I made a Money Cake!! It was 1/2 sheet double layer cake filled with money. When the first person bit into something foreign they really didn’t know what to say….then the next person did make a comment. Needless to say everyone wanted seconds of the cake to see how much money they could find.
    I miss my Mother-in-Law, but I still have great memories!!

  55. Heather, a few weeks ago a friend’s daughter Andree turned 12. She LOVES Cake Boss and so my friend Daniel and I arranged an entire afternoon of “Cake Boss” for her–she learned how to make fondant and ganache, decorate with both, etc. I captured some of the highlights on a video on You Tube Daniel even made her a “Cake Boss” apron and we gave her gels, shape cutters, a cake decorating turntable, etc. The output of the day was 2 cakes that we ate at the end of a meal shared by our two families.
    It was THE MOST memorable cake day I have ever had, and one I know will stay with Andree a very, very long time. If we win the tix–I will give them to Andree to go see her Cake Boss hero!!!

  56. My favorite memory is a Father’s day cake I got for my husband, Dad, and Father in law. It was fancy chocolate cake from a bakery here in Petaluma (long gone) I had requested Happy Father’s Day on it. Opened it up after dinner, and it said Happy Father Day! Hysterical, and a great Father’s Day memory for our family.

  57. My mom has always had bad luck with cakes so one year she went to the store to buy my sister a cake. She asked them to write Happy Birthday Melanie in red. When she picked up the cake later she was flabergasted to see the writing, it said “Happy Birthday Melanie in red” She brought it home just because it was a classic.

  58. Do you know why Buddy is coming to Sonoma County, of all places, from NJ? I mean does he have some connection here? Is he doing shows all over the country? Just curious…thanks!

    1. It’s a tour…he’s in Lake Tahoe the night before. Seems odd to me, but, if he can sell the tickets, good for him!

  59. For as long as I can remember, my Mom and I always baked my birthday cake together, the night before my birthday. My sister always got an ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins for her birthdays which was yummy but my homemade birthday cakes had something hers would never have….memories. Even after I grew up and moved out, I would always go to my Mom’s house the night before my birthday to bake my cake with her. She passed away three years ago and I still continue the tradition of baking my own birthday cake and reminisce about the many years of baking with Mom.

  60. When I was about 8 years old, I loved learning to cook and bake from my mom, who was a great cook, a Navy wife who learned how to be very frugal as well in the kitchen. The good thing is that she let me try to experience the cooking myself and wasn’t overly hovering in order for me to become a hands on cook. The bad thing is that I may have been doing some things a bit too on my own lol, I was making a cake for my dads birthday from scratch w a hand mixer, I had hair past my behind that I had back in a ponytail but when I leaned over the bowl, part of my ponytail got wrapped around the mixer blades up to my ear!!
    My dad didn’t want to cut my hair so he painstakingly pulled every strand out and I was fine.
    I put my hair in a tight braid and made a new batch of batter that became a great cake and a good laugh at the birthday table.

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