What’s open

BiteClub and McNibs have this ongoing problem–we absolutely crave sushi around 2pm every Sunday afternoons. Problem is, every sushi spot we go to is closed. Ferme. Lights out and nobody home. I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy.

Leave it to my ex-hubby to find the solution: WhatsOpen.com. He’s sweet that way.

And while I hestitate to send my legion of trusty BiteClubbers to another food site, it would be so wrong of me not to tell you about it. Still in Beta, it’s still got a few kinks, but here’s the magic: Type in Sushi and Santa Rosa. Voila. A whole list of sushi restaurants in Santa Rosa pops up. On a map. With their hours. And phone number. Heaven.

Far from infallible, it still lacks a few critical components–reviews, updated info (there were some restaurants that either no longer exist or I’ve never heard of) and the actual days of the week the restaurants are open.

But in a pinch, when you’re feeling that undeniable craving for Mexican in the middle of Kenwood, Italian on the way to Napa or just a good old cup of coffee near your house, WhatsOpen.com is a killer app for the on-the-go-epicure.

Just remember your old pal, BiteClub, once in a while.