West County News: Guerrillas, new owner for Henweigh, Chef Rooney’s move

Berry Salinas will take over the old Henweigh

Berry Salinas and friends Jason Azevedo and Chris Hanson at the 2011 Handcar Regatta

Berry Salinas and friends Jason Azevedo and Chris Hanson at the 2011 Handcar Regatta
Berry Salinas and friends Jason Azevedo and Chris Hanson at the 2011 Handcar Regatta

There’s a new owner at the former Henweigh Cafe. Butcher Berry Salinas is taking over the 4550 Gravenstein Hwy. location with plans for a “classic roadhouse”, beer and wine bar. Salinas, with partner Sheldon Rosenberg III, had planned a Santa Rosa chicken shack, but plans fell through after several months of work. Don’t worry, though. We’ll bet the farm that her famous fried chicken will show up on the menu. Look for a November opening for Red’s Apple Roadhouse.

Seems there are Guerrillas in the midst. Zinfandel enthusiast and winemaker Bruce Patch has opened the Wine Guerrilla tasting room in Forestville, showcasing estate-grown wines from around the region. The winery (6671 Front Street, Forestville) will feature box lunches from nearby Twist (6536 Front St., Forestville), a popular weekday lunch counter and weekend dinner cafe.


Nearby Corks (5700 California, Forestville) has had another chef shuffle with the departure of Chef Dominque Rooney. She’s moved into an exec chef position at Bodega Bays’ Sandpiper Restaurant(1400 N. Highway 1, Bodega Bay). Rooney is also appearing on Sept. 8 on the Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, putting her in good company with the other local chefs who’ve gained national TV attention for their kitchen skills.



7 thoughts on “West County News: Guerrillas, new owner for Henweigh, Chef Rooney’s move

  1. The key word is “give”. You give something to somebody because you believe that what they do with it will please you. Im sure you’ll be pleased, just chill out and wait!

  2. I hope Chef Rooney will turn things around at the Sandpiper. This used to be one of our favorite places in Bodega, but the last 2 times we ate there the food was not that good.

  3. I believe in Berry’s vision. Present tense. I don’t care what street it ends up on.

    an indiegogo contributor with zero regrets

  4. Hi Laura,
    I have sent two emails out to donors of the indiegogo campaign since it ended updating the status and troubles that were happening with the opening of the Santa Rosa Ave. location. I am sorry if you did not receive these, please submit an email to me at butcherandcook@gmail.com or call me directly at 707.328-3908 so that I can be sure of your correct email and you can receive future updates and information.
    After many months and much expense the issues with the Santa Rosa Ave. location were too numerous to overcome. I was lucky enough to find this new location that offers us so many more options! We are so excited to have found this perfect situation so quickly.
    As to your query over the money donated~I am sorry that you feel your donation has not gone to support my vision. I worked incredibly hard to make the SR location work but in the end it made horrible business sense to continue there. I don’t feel that finding another location to operate out of changes the vision I represented to you and all the other donors. My friends, family and community made donations toward the building of my business because they believed in me and my abilities. I have made that happen.
    I look forward to opening in November and serving you all amazing local food, beer and wine in a much more comfortable environment.
    Much love to all,
    Berry Salinas

  5. Asking that question here is like calling Rachel Maddow and asking her what happened to the money you invested in Microsoft ten years ago. I get that your bitter that you don’t know what happened to your money, but its pretty rude to put Heather in the position of having to comment on your personal beef with Berry. Just sayin’…

  6. So do you know what happens to the money that a lot of gave to Berry to open the chicken shack? Would have been nice if she at least would have sent out an email to those of us that believed in her vision…

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