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Vodika Lounge

Channel your inner czarina at the new Vodika Lounge in Petaluma, NorCal's first 28-degree premium vodka tasting room. As in it's actually 28 degrees inside (four degrees below freezing).

vodka.jpgChannel your inner czarina at the new Vodika Lounge in Petaluma, NorCal’s first 28-degree premium vodka tasting room. As in it’s actually 28 degrees inside (four degrees below freezing).

The lounge-within-a-bar-within-a-restaurant accommodates eight sippers at a go, part of the revamped bar scene at Graziano’s Ristorante. On opening day (Nov. 21, 2008), Charbay distiller Marco Karakasedic will be on hand from 7 to 10pm talking vodka and pouring.

Why the deep freeze? Sonia Perozzi of the restaurant says that 28 degrees is the only proper temperature to serve vodka. Hey, why not.

Faux fur hats and jackets are provided for your comfort. Bring your own tiara.

In addition to the new chill room, Graziano’s has also redesigned their bar lounge to include designer martinis, Italian small plates (piatti piccoli), caviar and oysters. The bar is open until 2am.

170 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, 707.762.5997.

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23 thoughts on “Vodika Lounge

  1. it’s fun… period
    give it a shot (no pun intended)..
    …and stop being for freeeekin dull!
    and for really good vodka and a great price, check out Titos
    (less than $20 for a fifth at TJs)

  2. We were recently in the mood for Italian on a Sunday night and alas Cucina was closed again (I wish they would stay open on Sunday!), we hadn’t been to Grazianos in a long time and thought we would give it a try, but we stopped cold (no pun intended) when we walked in and saw the ice blue refrigerator lounge they had put in right as you walked through the door. It was such a disconnect for an Italian restaurant–something you would find in vegas, laugh about and roll your eyes. We thought better of our decision and walked out. I have got nothing against trying something new, but I think with Cucina Paradiso no longer compromised by its formerly crappy location, Graziano’s better come up with more than this if they want to compete.

  3. Well, if you don’t have the taste for fine dining I guess you don’t have the taste for fine vodka either, and that’s fine. SO if what you want is a mechanical bull go down the road with your Bud Light.
    This is an innovative and daring entrepreneurial move. A last ditch effort to save a restaurant? Please. I applaud anyone willing to risk a tried and true family tradition on something daring and bold!

  4. “…soon to be erect nipples…” LOVES it! Maybe I now have an excuse to buy that “sheared beaver” fur coat I saw at a shop in Healdsburg. While sipping vodka, someone will comment on my coat…”You like it? It’s beaver.”

  5. Sweet! I love Vodka! Wish you the best of luck, Graziano’s!
    Oh yeah, to all you Podunk-a-funks who must leave a comment smacking a long standing small business down for trying something new: Suck my soon to be erect nipples while sipping my Vodka @ 28 degrees!

  6. No Name – That’s Tod with one D, thanks. What sister?
    Voice of Reason – Touched a nerve, eh? Sorry you’re so unhappy! Must be the economic times?
    Wojamo – We all have something we don’t like about our community, right? Okay, many of us. For me, it’s the ‘stuck in yesteryear’ aspect, that which on one hand derides tourists and progress while on the other hand suckles at the same teat for 2/3 of the economy. Hypocritical at best, downright inane at worst. Regarding your mom’s warning–solid advice. Mom’s do know best.
    Matt Friday – For those of us cursed with a commonly used surname, I must confess a bit of jealousy. I’d trade Friday for Brilliant most any day of the week. Cheers!

  7. “Hate living here half of the time”?? Ouch, Tod. I can only assume you’re responding to this from the county jail? That would be the only explanation as to why you are being held here against your will. I’m not much of a vodka person, but I think this place could be a fun place for an event. Not too jazzed about the shared “fur”, though. My mom warned me about lice one too many times to participate in that! 🙂

  8. Focusing on alcohol now? LOL Says volumes about what’s important to you. Most people don’t even drink vodka, although I’m sure you’ve surrounded yourself with vodka drinkers like you who think vodka is important…

  9. Life is for living. It’s fun to try new things right in our own neighborhood. I will be there to try the experience. What is we lived in a town where nothing new was available? No one tried anything different? I am sorry to see so many writing such dribble – where is your imagination?

  10. Please Todd, move away already. And take you crummy whine with you while you’re at it. And your sister too while your at it.

  11. I myself understand and appreciate the idea, but for vodka? I never cease to be amazed at this new fad of geting people to drink increasingly “chic” and expensive vodka, a liquor that is, by its primary, most important, definition, “flavourless.” Sure, there is good vodka and bad and there are slight differences in texture, finish, and even taste due to the quality of distillation, water, etc., but the differences can only go so far even when it is drunk straight. Vodka is defined by being an essentially odourless, flavourless spirit obtained by distilling anything to the point where it can be stilled no further (about 97% pure alcohol), watered down to about 40% and then consumed unaged. The idea makes much more sense with spirits that have great diversity because they are actually are defined by their flavours, ingredients, or aging, etc., such as rum, whisky, tequila, brandy, and gin (gin being essentially nothing more than juniper-and-herb flavoured vodka, but the flavourings are what set it apart and set the various gins apart).

  12. Stop complaining, it’s sooo Sonoma County of you folks. Someone is trying something new, and instead of actually experiencing it, you’re deriding something you know nothing of (nor do I).
    The ‘chill room’ for vodka has been done before, and it’s a lot more interesting than another (yawn, please shoot me) wine bar.
    Comments like most of those above remind me why I hate living here half the time–the people are afraid of anything new or different.

  13. Yeah Petaluma dining still sucks and this ain’t gonna help. How is this redneck town gonna get a bunch of hicks to drink anything other that whisky or beer. They would have been better off putting an electric bull in the place.

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