Julia’s Kitchen “closed”?

On a recent BiteClub blog about the woes at COPIA, a reader reported that Julia’s Kitchen had been closed rather unceremoniously. BiteClub called the restaurant to find out what was up and got a recorded message that says the restaurant is “closed temporarily” and will not be taking reservations at this time.

The recording directs people to get further information on the COPIA website, which oddly enough, returns a PAGE NOT FOUND.


7 thoughts on “Julia’s Kitchen “closed”?

  1. My wife and I ate there earlier this year. The food was stupendous, the bill that followed on my MasterCard was more so…they had double charged us for the meal, something to do with the changing of owners. It took several calls and three months to straighten this out. Though the food was great, it left a “bad taste” in our mouths later. It goes to show no matter how good the food is in a resturant, a bad experience in resolving a problem quickly can keep one from going back.

  2. If you try “www.juliaskitchen.org,” it does bring up the site for Julia’s Kitchen; however, the hours do state that they are temporarily closed. Hope this helps!

  3. Apparently the 404 is fixed and the hours part of Julia’s Kitchen says “temporarily closed”. You can always go to the SRJC’s cooking academy restaurant place!

  4. No surprise at all here, they put it in the wrong place. Tourists don’t get to that part of Napa unless they are going on the Wine Train. It’s not anywhere near the downtown area tourists “might” go to or anywhere near 29. Watch for the Oxbow Market next door to close next.

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