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Lots of reasons to celebrate as a bevy of restaurants open (or prepare to open). Boathouse Sushi will open a second location in the former Porter Station BBQ restaurant (2360 Mendocino Ave.) in Santa Rosa. Word is that the restaurant will open sometime in March. Cafe Des Croissants will open a new outpost at the former Montgomery Village Wolf Coffee shop in Santa Rosa, bringing their number of locations to four.

Downtown’s bustling with the upcoming openings of two highly anticipated restaurnts. GG’S Earth and Surf Restaurant is set to open the first week of February. Trevor Anderson, most recently of Calistoga’s Solage Spa, has been named chef, though the restaurant is the brainchild of local foodie Suzan Fleissner. The restaurant  will stay open from 10pm to midnight on Friday and Saturday, offering a late night menu — something Santa Rosa continues to need. The windows have been uncovered at downtown’s Rendez-Vous Cafe on Fourth Street, a promising sign that they’re about to open as well. Finally, Cafe Azul has opened in the former Sonoma Coffee Company location (521 Fourth St., Santa Rosa). The menu is currently limited to coffee, espresso drinks and pastries, but they hope to expand to more food service in the coming months.

Other restaurants on the horizon include Jackson’s, the much-anticipated second restaurant of Syrah chef Josh Silvers, Jack and Tony’s Restaurant, also in Railroad Square and The Restaurant at Bardessono in Yountville.

Finally, I’m still trying to suss out what’s going on at the former La Strada after a bevy of inquiries. Construction continues on the space, but so far no word on who’s building. I’ll keep tracking that one down.


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  1. I drove by the Old La Strada and the new sign is up. Acording to the sign it is a Mexican Seafood Restaurant.

  2. We think Bistro 29 is absolutely terrific. We’ve dined there several times in the past year and are always impressed with the quality AND quantity of the food for the price. The last time we dined there our bill for two was around $90 and that included beer, wine, a starter, entrees, desserts, a coffee AND TIP. No, we didn’t order the most expensive things on the menu but we ordered what we wanted. (I LOVE the chicken- it is so savory!) We find the service friendly and appreciate that chef/owner Brian stops by the table to say hello and see how the meal was.

  3. Why all this chatter about French food $$$? Get in you car and drive to Bistro des Copains in Occidental. The Best French onion soup ($9). Go on Tuesdays for free Sonoma wine corkage. You’re in Provence!

  4. oh! I have been to Solage’s restaurant, SolBar, its amazing! GG’s will be amazing if thats where there chef is from!

  5. So I was reading these comments and this comment caught my eye…when I saw $250 I thought WOW! That is expensive, but that’s very strange because I go to Bistro 29 with some of my girlfriends maybe once a month, (girls night out… away from our husbands!) and we all get starters, usually being salads. I always get the bass and the other ladies get the filet and the steak frite, and we usually share 2-3 desserts, if we have the room. Our bill is usually $150. Even with your own wine and tip I can’t see the bill being $250. Since I go in often I see the owners. I believe he is the chef as well. They seem to be very warm and happy. So maybe your party had a different view but I always have a great time. Hopefully you can go back one more time because I’m sure they can change your opinion? And hopefully when Bistro Rendez Vous opens there will be at least a couple french Bistro’s for everyone taste!

  6. Dont you think the Old La Strada is a little fancy now to be a Mexican Food place? We neighbors were all hoping for a nice Italian place with a nice bar!

  7. its a play on words…there is no meat on the menu, only plant based items and sustainable seafood. Earth and Surf! I think its great idea!

  8. I am so excited for GG’s to open! Santa Rosa needs a good savory healthy restaurant! All we have is Seed and East West Cafe, and East West Cafe hardly recognizes organic or environmentally ways of growing and farming. i heard GG’s going to be a certified “green” establishment, which i don’t think Sonoma county has many of, if at all. Plus they will have a bar!
    Also, i have seen Bardessono in Yountville, it is completely green and eco-friendly, the first of its kind in luxury hotels. The architecture is defiantly worth the visit, as I’m sure the restaurant will be.

  9. I’m also looking forward to a true French bistro-style restaurant, where one can grab a quick and easy bowl of onion soup and a hunk of bread and a glass of red, and not break the bank. I’m dreaming of simple, well-prepared food at a reasonable price, with a menu of standards plus some changing special lunch options. A nice formula lunch menu for $15 or less would be something I’d partake of regularly. Quiche of the day, croque monsieur, ratatouille, mussels & fries, soup of the day, roast chicken, steak & fries, omelettes, plus some more sophisticated fare for those with more time and more money. How about a cheap and decent house wine by the glass, by the 250 ml or 500 ml pitcher? Oooh….and something reaalllly French …tip included in the price! (Let the owner pay the staff a living wage, for once) Wouldn’t that be something?

  10. Sadly, I’d have to agree about Bistro 29 being too pricey. Four of us went and each got an entree and salad, we all shared two desserts, brought our own bottle of wine (i.e corkage) and it was $250! That was a bit much – and I found the owner to be snooty. Don’t plan to return, but I love French food so I’m looking forward to Rendez-Vous.

  11. Thanks 49recycler. I must have missed that comment. I’ll try to track it down. Obama’s been keeping me chained to my desk the last couple days.

  12. As I have mentioned previously, the former La Strada is owned by the same person who owns El Tarasco in Sebastopol. He is turning it into a Mexican restaurant and night club. Why don’t you try interviewing him??

  13. Himalayan Kabob & Curry House is open in Petaluma – 220 Western Avenue. Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday.

  14. I saw the owner of Cafe Azul today. He was at Holy Roast (7th & Mendo) buying a pound of coffee!! Mysteriously, it was the same kind of coffee he sells at his store. Hmmm…..does that seem right?

  15. I have heard Bistro 29 wa not an affordable place for someone who might eat out 3 to 4 times a week so I guess I need to go try it before Rendez-Vous opens and then compare taste and prices.

  16. I’m looking forward to Rendez Vous as well, but uh…you can get most of that at Bistro 29 a block away. I hope they differentiate themselves. Looking forward to seeing a menu.

  17. Can’t wait for Rendez-Vous to open. We need French food around here. I am hoping for escargots;onion soup;good affordable steak and fries and other French goodies. It would make it more fun to go real local verses going to Napa Valley for French meals. I hope they open soon!

  18. The restaurant/club at Stony Point and Todd that used to be La Strada has been renovated and looks about to be reopened. Do you know what it will be? We neighbors are very curious. Thank you for whatever you are able to find out.

  19. at the greasy spoon where Dagwood Bumstead used to dine the “surf and turf special” was tuna fish on a plate of hot sand…

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